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I'm not sure if it's the same tie that M. Rubinacci was wearing, but it could be. Either way, it really is a nice tie. Also, price dropped!
Up for sale is a really nice New Rubinacci Navy Tie. The fabric is an amazing (best quality of the tie) 100% printed silk. The silk feels amazing, very soft -- yet has a "raw" texture. Light construction, self-tipped. Tie width is approximately 3.5". SOLD: Pending Payment! Please PM me with any questions. Thank you,
Price Drop
Sorry about that, updated with measurements.
Sorry about the mistake guys -- title changed.
Sorry about the mistaken use of the acronym. The jacket is definitely Ralph Lauren Blue Label. I was under the impression that RLBL is used to abbreviate this on SF -- I guess I'm wrong. The tag pictured is how RL do their Blue Label line -- at least that is how every Blue Label jacket I have seen been marked. I attached a picture below to illustrate the fact that this jacket is from the Blue Label line -- which is a much more expensive and better constructed line than...
No, it's actually Ralph Lauren Blue Label (RLBL). The inner tag verifies this.
Up for sale is a RLBL (Ralph Lauren Blue Label), Made in Italy, Navy jacket. The condition is technically used, but it is in absolutely brand new condition. There is in no way any sign of wear. The fabric is a very soft, flannel like 95% Wool and 5% Cashmere. It is light to medium weight. The jacket is the classic Italian styled sportcoat. It is a 3 button, 2.5 roll. Single Vent. Completely unstructured. Very, very soft construction. It is quarter lined. Perfect jacket...
PM Sent.
Last price drop! I really thought this would sell much earlier, didn't think I would take such a significant loss on the suit .
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