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Out of curiosity, what are the two loops of fabric for on either side of the inner waistband of Cucinelli pants? It's an odd feature and I'm not sure what it's for. I'm assuming it has do with suspenders, but not sure?
Reviving an old thread, but just wanted to say that rebel222 is a quality seller. I received my pants very quickly and they are excellent! They compare well to the quality of my Kiton pants that cost MUCH more. If your size is still availble, don't hesitate pulling the trigger at these prices.
PM sent on #4
+1 38r (eu 48)
PM Sent
PM Sent
PM sent on Zegna
PM Sent on last pair
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 I am so..how do you say...TEMPTED. If I may triniboy, just some very unbiased advice, you should definitely act on your temptation .
No offense to anyone -- but what is up with all the recent non-selling discussion threads in the B&S Forum? Every time someone posts a reply or a new thread, the thread gets bumped consequently moving all the legitimate sale threads down to the bottom of the page and on to the next. PLEASE stop posting non-selling threads in the B&S forum, or maybe the mods can open a B&S discussion sub-forum for this kind of stuff. It really is hurting the threads which are actually...
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