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Common guys, no interest in the Boglioli? Another price drop for a really great suit. I'm taking a loss now .
Another PRICE DROP on the Boglioli Suit. There has been some interest, but nothing serious yet... is there any interest in this suit? It really is a great suit, and if your not familiar with Boglioli, they make some great stuff. If this suit fit me, I would definitely not be selling it. Please don't hesitate to PM me for any questions.
The BC really is amazing, and the fabric is very luxurious. IMO, the Boglioli is one of the best offerings. It is the epitome of modern Neopolitan tailoring. Pick stitching everywhere. Soft tailoring. Slim silhouette. Great, versatile fabric. All PMs replied to and all measurements updated.
Updated with pictures. I forgot to grab the tailors tape measure, will post measurements shortly -- sorry for the delay.
Up for sale are some really amazing items that are subtly unique, yet classic wardrobe staples. Some are NEW, some being NWT. (1) First, is a Boglioli Sartoria suit in a size 48/38R. The fabric is a 60% wool and 40% cotton. Classic gray lightweight fabric with subtle white/light gray pinstripes. The fabric is amazing -- soft, lightweight, and great drape. The lining is dark gray cotton (except for the sleeves)...very nice and unique touch. The fit is beautifully...
PM Sent
Out of curiosity, what are the two loops of fabric for on either side of the inner waistband of Cucinelli pants? It's an odd feature and I'm not sure what it's for. I'm assuming it has do with suspenders, but not sure?
Reviving an old thread, but just wanted to say that rebel222 is a quality seller. I received my pants very quickly and they are excellent! They compare well to the quality of my Kiton pants that cost MUCH more. If your size is still availble, don't hesitate pulling the trigger at these prices.
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