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The enforcement of these rules is really getting ridiculous. A seller can't even provide answers to questions in his own thread when those questions are legitimate and interest many. The expectations these policies are making will prevent quality sellers from selling great items at good prices on SF. We've already seen a drastic reduction in the items for sale considered staples or popular sizes. Not every item can be sold at a 90% discount over retail. At the end of the...
Up for sale is a great Boglioli Sartoria suit in a size 48/38R. The fabric is a 60% wool and 40% cotton. Classic gray lightweight fabric with subtle white/light gray pinstripes. The fabric is amazing -- soft, lightweight, and great drape. The lining is dark gray cotton (except for the sleeves -- which are in satin)...very nice and unique touch. The fit is beautifully tailored. Three button with roll to two. Double vented back. Working sleeve buttons. Very soft tailoring -...
I have a 38R solid navy Loro Piana Fabric, Gianluca Isaia NWT for sale. Still unhemmed, unaltered, and very nice. Let me know...
Quote: Originally Posted by chl Great guy, helped me with Lohemanns in SF yesterday Ditto, he really went out of his way to help me out. I really appreciate it calsinfran. An asset to SF. Also, I would have bought the navy linen jacket if they had it in my size, but I ended up buying another BC jacket. He is selling it at cost here - which is hugely discounted btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by grujaz10 Can someone pick-up an EU 48 navy linen jacket for me. I will pay a finder's fee . Thanks, Will anyone be able to pick-up the above for me... please
Can someone pick-up an EU 48 navy linen jacket for me. I will pay a finder's fee . Thanks,
Final price drop before I have to try the ebay.
Common guys, no interest in the Boglioli? Another price drop for a really great suit. I'm taking a loss now .
Another PRICE DROP on the Boglioli Suit. There has been some interest, but nothing serious yet... is there any interest in this suit? It really is a great suit, and if your not familiar with Boglioli, they make some great stuff. If this suit fit me, I would definitely not be selling it. Please don't hesitate to PM me for any questions.
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