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Up for sale is a NWT beautiful and very rare medium blue 100% linen, lightweight Loro Piana jacket. This is not a jacket made by some other maker only using Loro Piana fabric, this is an actual Loro Piana jacket. This is from their relaxed dress line and it shows, the jacket is very soft construction, lightweight, and literally feels like a shirt. You have to try it on to feel how comfortable this jacket is, much like Loro Piana knitwear. The color of the fabric is really...
Up for sale is a beautiful NWT medium weight 90% Wool and 10% Cashmere Ermenegildo Zegna jacket in a classic navy color. This is an absolute staple in any wardrobe and this particular piece is the perfect iteration of a classic navy jacket. This is from the new lines of E. Zegna as indicated by the current label. Fully lined in a blue silk with classic horn buttons. This is from Zegna's Milano line...this is by far their best line of jackets and suits in my opinion. It...
Thank you!All jackets sold. Thank you everyone. I may be listing two more new Cucinelli jackets in a size 38R in unique patterns. Please keep checking my listings.
Price dropped. A lot of interest, but no takers yet. Please let me know if you have any questions.
First Cucinelli sold, thank you! Willing to consider reasonable offers on remaining jackets.
They can easily be taken in if they are too big for you._
Updated thread with measurements. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Up for sale is a Brioni DB Suit roughly in a size 38R-38S. It is in a medium-weight deep navy fabric with a light fainter pinstripe. Beautiful drape and beautiful body to this Suit. As is usual with Brioni, everything is hand sewn. All the button holes are beautifully done, including the working sleeve buttonholes. Double vented. It's a classic suit that works with almost any combination. The pants are all hand sewn including the lining, waistband, button loops, all...
Up for sale is an absolutely amazing 100% cashmere Sartoria Attolini jacket in a size 38/48R (could work for a slim 40R). The fabric is a beautiful very soft cashmere with a nice smooth hand and a great drape. It is light-meidium weight and is appropriate year round. The color is a complex gray and soft muted green miniature houndstooth which looks solid from distance. Fully lined and double vented. It has a 3 roll to 2 button stance with a beautiful roll. The top...
Thank you, it really is a very beautiful jacket. And very rare. You could always buy it and admire it in person until you're ready to wear it .
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