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Sorry for jumping topic, but have you considered offerings from Mulberry? However,of these 2 options (not having owned either), purely on style I have a slight preference towards the Meermin, though I would feel equally proud of either
Sorry to bump the thread - been looking for reviews on the Elkington - you say you have had one for a few years? How does it work out for you and goes it age gracefully? Completely different proce band, but this is actually to replace an Antler bag which I brought as a 'quick fix' about 6 years ago, which served fantastically until I managed to break one of the push clips off (thus ruining what otherwise still looks like a bag half its age, despite the daily use and...
My career was kind of decided when I discovered I was reasonably good with certain skills, such as problem solving, methodical thinking and having an 'ability' to understand and get my head around things. For information, I am a technical consultant. I have worked for a number of companies and run my own consultancy, but now work for a global service supplier. I identified something I had a skill with, and ran with it. However, when I was growing up I often thought...
The number of responses has eggceeded my eggspectations.
Sark is good, season of festive cheer anyhow! I actually got the idea to post somewhere after a number of people asked the question of me about what will be doing for Christmas. I was going to put a post about the turkey dinner, but when I looked at writing out the post, I thought it was going to take over the whole forum.
I just wanted to share this with the forum. With the festive season pretty much upon us, I thought you may be interested in the perfect Christmas day breakfast for yourselves, any significant other and possibly any in-laws! This is the perfect breakfast to impress, at Christmas or indeed any time of the year! Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon; First, take a good slice of bread. Not your average sliced loaf, perhaps think more fresh crusty bloomer, sour dough bread,...
I'd have to day, despite what you said (and what my farther in law thinks, though he is not exactly richard branson) I would invest. with property (real estate) markets and stock markets at something of a low, I would take advantage. Why blow 1 million, when you can potentially blow 2 I say!
I know here in the UK, Jaguar replaced the 2.1 V6 petrol X type with a 4 cylinder diesel. However, having owned the petrol, and extensively used the diesel, I have to say there was not much in it in terms of fuel used. I did a 300 'test' trip, and my petrol (used and at about 40000 miles so not optimum) used about £2 (so perhaps $1.50) more in fuel than the diesel. So my advice, check out the Jaguar. It is reasonably efficient to maintain, as many of the service...
Clarins do a good line in skin cleansers and moisturisers, and I used them for a while. I also use Elemis, but think Clarins is winning out now. remember to exfoliate once a week though, and the foaming cleanser is good, followed by moisturiser. Also, quite note, when changing products you may get breakout for a week or so, i would recommend a touch up to cover this. again ask in clarins about this Hope this helps
My job is nowhere near as exciting as some of these posts, so I'm going to keep quiet
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