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I got the Ro-Buck jeans as well but I have a different issue. They fit fine in the waist and to a lesser extent the thighs but I find from the knees down to be really constricting, almost skin tight. It isn't as bad as the slim-fit denim where once I had them on, I had to sit down to take them off. Do you guys think these will stretch out in the lower half?
Another sizing question, sorry guys. I wear a 10.5D in Alden trubalance, 10.5E in grant, and 11 in Oak Street trenches. What size would you guys recommend for the 2030 last.
Can you guys aware me of where to find the PTB in an e-width. I only thought d-widths were available (and that was what I was told from the mansion).
1x Size 10 Marlow penny loafers 1x Size 10.5 Marlow penny loafers 1x Size 10.5 Marlow plain toe bluchersSold These are all dark brown shell cordovan and brand new in box with shoe bags. Price for each is $525 shipped CONUS via PayPal gift or add 4%.
RRL Leather Mail Bag Thanks Robert!
When I got mine in January, it was boxed inside a J.Crew box. However, mine did include the shoebags.
Right now, I would only be interested in something similar to LS Jumper boots (perforated cap-toe on trubalance last) except in ravello shell and with commando soles.
Just received these J.Crew x Alden which actually have a double leather oiled sole instead of the normal double leather sole (J.Crew website shows inaccurate photos). Although I do like them, I have only been purchasing shell cordovan (RL Marlow wingtips, RL Marlow penny loafers, RL Marlow PTB, Alden cigar captoe boots, Alden x LS cigar Pitt boots) and I am thinking, should I get a pair of ravello longwings instead or would they be too similar to the RL wingtips?
I'm planning on purchasing my first suit in solid charcoal. I understand that navy and charcoal are both the most versatile colors however with the navy, I could use the jacket as a blazer. The reason why I am purchasing the charcoal is because it is a cut that fits well and is available in my size (whereas the solid navy is sold out nationwide). I've tried searching but I seem to only find threads regarding charcoal pants. My question is, could I use the charcoal...
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