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It's a 750. And i agree the tanks are not my favorite, but id rather run this rust free, 38 year old, pristine tank over a rusted out pos just for the "look". Shy of a $600 NOS honda tank, this was the best route.
I must say that the nst looks it's best on the plaza or barrie. IMO
ooof. I kick myself for not pulling the trigger on those.Beautiful
Awesome man.You wear them well.
Hey gents! Been a while and life is crazy busy but here is an update of the bike. Ready to hit the road after some carb tuning and a plate. I'm not totally happy with the upholstery ( I stitched it by hand, saddle stitch Hermes style , no machine). It does not flow with the tail section as much as i would like. Maybe less padding in that section... Still some wires to tuck and tidy. Not everyones cup of tea, but for those who are interested...
Lovely. I NEED a pair of whiskey
8 LHS in the early evening sun.
These are fantastic. Wish i scooped them when I had the chance.
Now THAT is some clean and clear horse arse!
Looks good man. I love the look you've got going on. I'll post up a pic of my cb750 bulld later this week. Finally done
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