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Thanks Shawnc.
Morning Gents First venture outside in 2014 for these and only my 2nd time wearing shell this year. This winter took forever to leave. 5 year old Cigar LWB time to give the 403s and 1000 mile boots a rest
GREAT color on those Mike
Great post DV.I, one day, hope to make it out there for a visit. Hopefully soon. I know I have a problem when I schedule a trip halfway across the world because I want to visit a shoe store.It is sad however to hear they only have one pair of shell there. a place that was once the pinnacle of Alden shell offerings.There is not much i wouldn't do for those saddles. Those and the 4x4 are tops when it come to #4
Thanks man. just checked their page. Looks like they have up to size large in the gloss black. But no XL for my big noggin.
Who had the Bullitt in stock in the GTA?
You need kick start on that ish!
Uncle Mac who?!Honestly, the most exclusive collection here.I've run out of things to say to you sir.I need to step up my grass game.
what a beautiful shot
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