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Thanks Cool!Thanks for the kind words John DoeThis specific engine (cb750) is a dry sump lubricated engine. It uses an external oil tank that is replenished by a scavenge pump. The scavenge pump sits at the lowest point of the engine case to collect the oil. There is no oil pan (where the excess oil usually sits on a 4 stroke engine) on a dry sump engine.Typical motorcycle engine are wet sump (oil pan) and don't need an external oil tank.dry sump...
Hello Gents. I know there is a lot of hate on here regarding "cafe" bikes and the "hipster scene" surrounding it, and I agree it can become a bit much. However, I wanted to take on a project that would allow me to create something without spending much money on the parts and/or the bike itself. I wanted something more than just bolting on carbon fiber bits to a new bike (may be the next project lol! ) This is a 77 CB750 that i got for a song. It's not the desired 69-76...
I've found that stiffer brushes work better. You want to create friction/heat when it comes to shining shell. The goal is to soften the oils and waxes in the leather with heat.Another member on the forum (Crat) has been know to use a stiff fingernail brush, wrapped in a cotton rag, to work on his shell...
WOW!!!What a recovery!Mind blowing to be honest.well done Mr. Crat
My money is on DV! He's the most humble dude with the most amazing collection!3 weeks time we'll see it on his perfect lawn in one of those early morning shots!There isn't a lot I wouldn't do for that bag.
I don't think they have shrunk…i think sleeves are/look shorter because of the stacking going on at the elbows and around the cuffs. The jacket was always snug and short, but thats exactly how i wanted it.
The Plaza was the most recent (popular last) as far as I know. Last year Unionmade had a shoe on the "New Hampton Last" ...whatever that is.I may be wrong though, i have been may times before lol
Loving the recent addition of the profile shots to your stunning POV shots!
Bad arse!!
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