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Thanks buddy . Means a lot. I'm happy with it given my budget for the project. The next build i will spare no expense.It rides really well. Feels light for a heavy bike. Maybe it's the riding position. It's got tons of grunt with the fresh rebuild and carbs. However tuning is needed to get the carbs streetable. Shoe does not like to go slow and has a bit of a temper, like an italian woman if you didn't know better you'd think she was a Ducati lol
It's a 750. And i agree the tanks are not my favorite, but id rather run this rust free, 38 year old, pristine tank over a rusted out pos just for the "look". Shy of a $600 NOS honda tank, this was the best route.
I must say that the nst looks it's best on the plaza or barrie. IMO
ooof. I kick myself for not pulling the trigger on those.Beautiful
Awesome man.You wear them well.
Hey gents! Been a while and life is crazy busy but here is an update of the bike. Ready to hit the road after some carb tuning and a plate. I'm not totally happy with the upholstery ( I stitched it by hand, saddle stitch Hermes style , no machine). It does not flow with the tail section as much as i would like. Maybe less padding in that section... Still some wires to tuck and tidy. Not everyones cup of tea, but for those who are interested...
Lovely. I NEED a pair of whiskey
8 LHS in the early evening sun.
These are fantastic. Wish i scooped them when I had the chance.
Now THAT is some clean and clear horse arse!
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