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Sockless Ravello today Holding on to what little summer we have left here in Canada.
I approve this look chorizo or not
Ha love it.Beautiful little girl
Thanks DV
LHS (sockless) for me today
Thank you sir.
I am in no way a master craftsman, but your kind words mean a lot.With any trade or craft buy the absolute best tools that you can afford. They really do help you create a better finished product.
Thanks Tyrone.It maybe tool 10 hours from raw materials to finished product.Designing the pattern and finding a way to hold the bag and stay efficient was the hardest part, to be honest.
Thanks Rumps!
Things i've done to avoid walking in rain with exotic shell:1. Had a 2nd pair of "rain worthy" shoes in the car with me.2. Plastic bags on my feet (ravello swb) for the 50 yard dash to my car from the office.3. Ran like a girl skipping over puddles.4. Removed my shoes and went bare foot from my car to my house....i wish this was a lie
New Posts  All Forums: