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I'd bone every night if the girlfriend let me twice on Sunday
+1....I scored my ravello SWB that way. Just called and they had a pair. The hunt for a coveted model is an hourly thing. Not weekly.Toronto is far from any Hawaii high school
Thanks aether.The billet upper is from Dime City Cycles. However, I do wish I had the equipment to make that sort of stuff.As for the cowl, it made a 1/4 tube "skeleton" of the shape i wanted and and simply cut think sheet metal strips to cover it. I wish i had things like an English wheel at my disposal, but that was not in the cards for this build. I intentionally made it look panel-y to echo the 5 'sides' of the tank.
Wow thanks man. Means a lot.I wish i didn't have to paint it, but the tins are not in awesome shape. Lots of dents and wripples that drive my OCD crazy.I do promise to keep it clean. Likely a matte colour.
awesome manIt's official, I need these!
+3 in The Big Smoke tomorrow!
Thanks man the objective is to get in running with limited time and funds. Not sink 10 times what the bike is worth into the project.
Just an update for those who are interested: All controls now installed. New carbs installed (probably scrap the velocity stacks for pod filters). Seat, exhaust and wiring are left to do. Hopefully May 1st will be when i turn her over for the first time, at least that's what i'm telling myself
Has anyone seen any Natural CXL Tassels in E widths out there? Or Snuff Tassels in E width? Thanks gents 11.5 E to be specific
Shell LHS; probably my favorite pair of Aldens.They turn into slippers in no time. sockless with shorts is a solid look. Usually get compliments each time i ear them.
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