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Ha i missed that. Nice catch.
Next time you guys lose it over 5% increase on rare shell...think of these puppies. Pretty sure thats just a ravello PTB...in non horween shell.. I love BCs stuff...but they are always out to lunch on pricing. www.bergdorfgoodman.com/p/Brunello-Cucinelli-Shell-Cordovan-Lace-Up-Oxford-Brunello-Cucinelli/prod79700019_cat302827_cat214200_/?index=37&cmCat=cat000000cat202802cat000023cat214200cat302827&isEditorial=false ps. love how they call it 'smooth italian calfskin' in...
HA I was waiting for it!
I dont know if i'd say "sloppy". You're not as locked in across the vamp as a lace up but they are totally do-able.
Mind blowing. My new unicorn. Ravello sortwing down, whiskey captoe bal to go!edit: It also looks like you get as much time in the tanning beds/vacation in the south of France as much as I do
and Canadian equine shell
Stunning. I like the crease forming on the 'cap' of your right foot. You don't often see that on cap toes. looks less stuffy that way.
IMO there is not much that Trickers does well. The quality may be good but they are not pretty.
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