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I think wax makes it's way onto the shell more than he'd like to admit ...because I often feel the same
That 'chip' is NOTHING. That's where the 360* welt meets. There will obviously be a seam of some sort. If that's the only issue with the boots, you made out pretty good. As Tom from Leather Soul has said in the past; these are hand made none will be 100% perfect, so don't expect them to be.Edit : To be honest thats a pretty clean connection (on the welt) as far as Alden built quality goes.
http://www.travelwelldocumented.com/post/26793511985/revello-w-custom-sole-cigar-whiskey-aldendrawer Dunno about that hack-job pair of Ravellos, but I wouldn't mind that drawer at home.
ooooo! I'll take a pair in 11.5 !
hahaha classic!
I've been hearing this for the last 3 years...never seems to happen though...
I need some whiskey in my life...just being patient for the right shoe to become available.
Nice. I have the same pair and love them. Very comfy. CXL has a great way of forming to your foot; so much so that when i pull my foot out of the boot it creates an audible vacuum/suction
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