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While we're back on the topic of lasts, how does the Grant compare to the Barrie (is it both shorter and more narrow)? I'm a (Snug) 11.5D Barrie should i go up one 1/2 size and one width on the grant? ie. from an 11.5D Barrie to a 12E grant? I know talking about fit is as much fun as sitting in on the Allen Edmonds forum, but any help on this would be awesome!
The wait times have been insane. Alden NY is still waiting on confimation (after confirmation it's still a 4-5 month wait for delivery) for some of their whiskey make-ups that they placed in May of 2011!!! The rep from NY said "We can't even throw more money at them to make the process faster, our hands are tied"Like if said before it's crazy that we can build a Condo faster than a pair of shoes.
I would think the pebble grain is embossed in the shell via press or putting it through a roller. And i would think that would have to be done between Horween and Alden by a 3rd party(unless Horween does it in-house, I really dont know). Alden being as behind as they are, I can imagine they'd shy away from adding one more step to the process...
Since we are kind of on the topic of rare shell...I've veen waiting for ( a few years now) for a shop to issue a make-up in pebble grain shell. Saw this pair back on 2007. But have not seen anything as of late... Anyone know if something in this shell is in stock at a specific retailer?
LHSPTBLWBWould be my 3 staple Alden styles (these styles all have a casual and American feel to them, and my not be perfect for guys who sport suits 90% of the time)
A staple classic. LHS in #8 is one of the top 3 must have shell Aldens IMO
I dont know why everyone is so closed off to wearing whiskey with a suit... I feel like that color would pair perfectly with a navy suit (like in the video below) or with a mid grey suit in the summer... I like Domenico looks great. Rappo' on the otherhand can be a goof in these videos... http://youtu.be/lN9li1RuufM
I love those. I like the patina.I had a pair of Clarks DBs in a "suede" years ago that had the indigo stains like that and I always got compliments on them...They were beat to hell but i loved the look
Those of you who have used venetian shoe cream, on your whiskey and/or ravello, did you find that it darked the color? I use it often on my CXL and dark shell but i'm worried about using it on ravello and whiskey and changing the color.
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