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I agree! I wish my lifestyle suited Bals a lot more.Very very nice.
About a year and a half ago there was a ravello cap toe blucher on the modified last...hesitated... and now I kick myself often fot not pulling the trigger.
You got it!
I dont think one was sent. I ALWAYS get my sizes and didn't. I think someone just signed up and was sent their initial size.
It's almost like a fine "flannel" texture inside. It wont damage your shoes.
Welcome! Be sure to post more pics of your beautiful collection. Great looking LWBs!
Black shell always looks fantastic. Beautiful pair of bootsThey will look even better with the shell rolls and folds
I don't love the idea of Topys to protect against the salt and slush of Toronto sidewalks. You and I both know that puddles and slush run much deeper than the thin Topy glued to the sole of your shoe. You're really not "protecting" anything if you think about it. If I were you, I'd invest in a pair of SWIMS over shoes to protect your new AEs. If you want to truly protect them, this is the way to go.They come in black too...but thats no fun
It really is special when you open the box of your first pair (and every pair after that ) of shell cordovan Aldens. The fragrance alone is worth the price.
I couldn't do that. It's very likely that these will end up in the trash, or on your shelf as a daily reminder to never do something like this again lol.
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