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Up a half size or out one width. (you being a 10.5D could go 11D or 10.5E) is often the way to go when compared to the Barrie. Some people do both depending on your socks etc.
Looks great! Wish my wallet could do Whiskey.
I'm not a huge AE fan but this set makes me reconsider...Nice stuff.
Thank you sir.
Those look bloody awesome. I've been resisting pulling the trigger on a #caotoe boot...your're not helping
I did the same when I was able to actually get my hands on a pair.
You always take stunning photos. super clear with great color.
#8 captoe boot.or a Snuff suede chukka if shell cordovan is too heavy for your climate.
Just went through their shell page; some good hidden gems in there.
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