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Thanks very much. A lot of years gathering them. And too much money...
Hey Guys, I know this SF is dominated by office workers (for obvious reasons). I just want to see how many of you work with your hands for a living or just for fun. Do you work on cars, with leather, landscape, work with wood etc? Post up pics of what you do/ what you work on/ the tools you use. I'm a Hydraulics tech. Our shop works on mobile and industrial hydraulic sytems and related components. I also have my tickets in MIG and TIG welding. I know greasy hands...
The second cap toe boot from the left, is it the 4060/4065 on the grant?
Wow nice collection there. Lots of variety, each one different from the next.Great stuff...however i feel one should never be 'done' with his collection...NEED an LHS by the way!
Some peopel dont like his 'return policy'. The fact that if you are not happy with the fit or shell quality you can return them only for exchange or store credit.
Great...So, is it a full size bump? As if the OLD Large is like a NEW medium? Or is it not that drastic?
this!Venetian and a brush works wonders on CXL
I got my tan tin cloth trucker in the fall of 09 and i got a size L which fit's like a snug 42 jacket.Last fall i picked up the shelter cloth (green) Hunter-trucker jacket with 'game pouch' on the back panel in size L but it fits more like a 44 jacket.My question...how will this new black trucker fit? like the OG or like the more recent hunter-trucker jacket?Thanks guys, I want to order this new color but dont want the poor fit of last years jacket...and this whole size...
NICE!!! Bet thats never been said before!
A little polish (gasp! on cordovan!?!?) will go a long way with that kind of surface abrasion imo. As always a good amount of brushing too!
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