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I don't own a pair of tankers but i do have shoes in both lasts. Most people are the same size in barrie and trubalance. However, some have said because of the hand sewn nature (gathering of material around the stitching) of the NST/tanker, it causes the barrie to fit a little tighter in the toe box than a ptb would. This should be considered if you are already tight, width wise, on the Trubalance.
Does anyone know how much the Shell Royal Imperial Longwings went for (price) when they were new? They have the v cleat and 5 nails.
That much (extreme) rolling/folding looks like the shoes are too big for you. I know you said you had to bend the shoe a lot, but even at full stride she shoe should never look like that. IMO.
I know a few guys in out industry who make 125- 150K a year pullin wreches on heavy equipment, and thats working for someone else who owns the shop. If you have your own shop you can make 10 times that. The shop I work at does 4 million in sales and repairs per year. Only 7 guys on payroll...The owner has it pretty good.
Your father sounds like a hardened, old school shop guy. Like the men I have been around for the last 10 years. But I agree, it tends to be the reaction I get in the locker room at work. Fancy boy, fonzie can tend to be the names they call me, all in good fun. But the funny thing is i'm straight as an arrow, 200 lbs with 8'' suit drop and more than capable of killing them with my bare hands ha ha. Different strokes I guess......thats not the worst of it. I'm also fully...
I'm been putting off buying a pair of APCs for a few years now beacuse of my current rotation consisting of N&F, Raleigh (cone denim). But last night I scooped a pair of New Standards for $116 out the door up here in Canada at Holt Renfrew "last call". I've size down 2 (because 1 down was not available). I have a bit of a muffin top going on.
I guess being stuck wearing "shop blues" on the daily has taken it's toll on me. I also never liked the stigma around "blue collar" workers and that they fit into the category of being uncultured with little to no style/fashion sense. I catch more flack at my shop than anywhere else, even though I'm the shop foreman, so it's not just people on the outside who feel this way. They too feel that if you work in a trade you have to look the part when you're off the clock. I...
Ya it can be hard in a rental/condo building. It was a toss up for me, live in a condo and have no room for toys and tools or buy a house and drive an hour to work
I like Alden. They are rugged and suit my build and style of dress. They are also the only guys who offer 5 (standard) shades of Shell Cordovan for under $750. No the most sexy lasts ever, but still a decent range to sind one that fits you best.
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