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Yes sir. My first venture into shell (and Alden for that matter).
Wow...beautiful. One of Aldens best boots by far
On vacation this week. Some shell in the morning sun. ravello, cigar, #8, black
good point
Lookin good. Vintage for sure. When did Alden stop using brass tacks/nails around the heel?
I have a flat wide foot and found that the LHS (van last) worked awesome for me. The fit across the vamp was no issue.I wend with my barrie size (11.5D). It's a little more snug across the board compared to the barrie, but his helps when going sockless.My #8 Shell LHS didn't take too long to break in and feel like slippers. However i did make the mistake of wearing them sockless on one of my first outings and ended up with a few blisters from heel slippage.But now that I...
Sans socks is the only way to fly with the LHS!They look fantastic.
Durability and cosmetics are two different things. I think thats what people get mixed up. Cordovan may welt up when exposed to water but they wont waterlog like calf and they will deal with abrasion much better; With less color loss.
Yah i'm 6'1'' 200lbs, 43'' chest 35'' waistYour numbers dont match up...as for the weight loss, it's fantastic! keep up the good work."Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."- Kate Moss.
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