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You are going to make a lot of people very unhappy with these photos. Nice boots
this.Yorkdale location to be specific. brutal sales staff
Harry also has the WORST collection of Designers (Allen Edmonds, Tom Ford excluded) It's very geared towards the 45-60 year olds with too much money and no idea what they are looking for. #rant
Welcome to Canada
I think more than anything a penny loafer screams Ivy League students circa 1960s. I think most 55+ simply still have their shell pennys from 30 years ago
B.Nelson does a fantastic job. They did these for Tom at leather soul.
Yes, you are correct but I'm talking about the folds in the cordovan (as Alcibades has pointed out). I've heard them being referred to as "beef rolls". Equine rolls might be better suited, however.
ha thanks
Yes sir! They were my first pair of shells. The beginning of an addiction.
I love'em. Some of the best looking beef-rolls yet!
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