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yes...yes you do!
Wow man. Congarts! Nothing like your first pair of shell! And Ravello is a pretty awesome one to start with! Please post up more pics!
You'll never look at calf the same...
Yes, the salesman is correct that they will help against the direct wear of the sidewalk on the leather sole itself. Wet leather soles wear faster that dry ones. However, the topy wont help you when It comes to puddles and how your leather sole is going to wick up the salt water like a sponge.I had a pair of Wolverine 1000 mile boots and I did nothing to protect them one winter. They got wet and soaked up the salty water of saidewalks and parking lots. Now they have...
This is opposite to everything I've ever read on this forum How is it that they are on the same last but the tighter one is the unlined version?Does not compute
Those are f-in sexual!Alden Shell,
Guys, even at $99 these will pay for themselves ten fold. How much are Topys? like $40? And they only last for a season or so on ONE pair of shoes. Being on style forum i'm sure you have more than one pair of shoes you'd like to protect from our garbage winter. If you treat your AE shoes right, they could last you 5-10 years (with recrafting). $350 for shoes $100 for SWIMS devide that cost over 5 years, thats $90 a year. I bet you'd pay more that that for a pair of ALDOs...
You gotta love this thread. 2332 pages and we're all still blown away by factory Alden styles
Are they Plaza? Soft quare toe going on...
I agree! I wish my lifestyle suited Bals a lot more.Very very nice.
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