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Naw, Aldens only. There are other threads for mixed collections
Thank you, kind sir.
AE question from an Alden guy. Can anyone tell me what last the "Lambert" was made on? Thanks in advance
Those are awesome and i would feel the same way as you do. Damn my duck feet. I miss out on the the great (D width) aberdeen make-ups.We need more e widths!!!.
hah ha! I wanted to use his fancy scarf to honest.
I found a dice of bell pepper in the cuff of my NS last night....I have not cooked with peppers for over a week...
A guy spilled his latte on my Cigar LWBs this morning at Starbucks I think he knew i was pissed by the way I looked at him. #first world problems
Thank you sir. Common Projects were my first choice but i'm worried they'll fit like chucks; I tend to blow out the sides of my chuck taylors with my duck feet.
Even with all of the shell around, these are still a fantastic make-up!Nice stuff
Hey guys. I'm an avid dress shoe guy (Alden, Church's etc) but new to the world of sneakers. Is there a company out there that makes a quality leather sneaker in E (wide) widths Thanks in advance.
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