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Great combo! Ravello and denim FTW!
I agree with that. I find the V tip looks much better than the hand stitched NST. imo
Cigar LWB Paul Smith UTC (poor lighting FTL)
Sigh. My whiskey holy grail as well...nice score man!I'm on the list whith NY for when they get a re-stock of my size...next MAY!Please post many pics of these in the wild and on your feet. Not many shots of them on the net.
I think a mens 6 or maybe 5.5 is the smallest size they make.. Being a woman I'd assume she would also need them in c or b width to boot. No pun intended
This. Cordovan color, not leather
I'd stick with the kudu if I were looking for a tough, weather resistant boot.
Looks awesone. Love black shell, sporting some today BB PTB!Edge dressing is your friend
me too!!!
this.like a moose knuckle/camel toe
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