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I have the tokito military jacket. It has a lining like the mountain parka. I find my jacket very marm. the sleeves are not lined. But who gets cold arms?The only thing i didn't like about the mountain parka was that the sleeve lining would turn inside out whenever i took the jacket off...a cool video of the military jacket
This couldn't hurt.However, I wouldn't give your CXL "a little polish" . CXL is waxy/full of oils; polish will just sit on top of the surface.
I dont really think you'll be able to "strip" that shoe of the oil. It's a stuffed leather, the fibers of the hide are impregnated with oils and fats.I'd use Saphir Reno' and a good brushing to remove any $0.02
Thought so. Thanks man
Oh my bad. Sorry guys, it looked like cigar. Thanks for the correction.
The best cigar boot, hands down.
Nice shoe. The 6 eyelets are something you dont see very often. Aberdeen I go out one width ( 11.5D to 11.5E rather than up a half size.
I fully agree with this. Alden's #8 is boss!
Thank you OlSarge! The yellow and magenta are my favorite part of the jacket. Only a few threads here and there but I think it is very unique. With Harris Tweed being a very 'hand crafed process' Is this (random threads of color) intentional or have they made their way into the cloth by fluke?
Does anyone know what this jacket is called? He's also saying it's a 42 but it looks huge. He may be very small, however. "Beaufort" maybe?
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