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#1 Alden IMO Very proud to be part of that club
Past - LS Ravello SWBCurrently - LS 4x4Future-?
One of my personal favs for sure! Have mine on today too. Hope all is well when you get back home and that you've lost nothing but the warm milk in your fridge.Report back on Leffot too; hope they didn't get washed out...didn't happen to see any size 11.5D shell floating around in NYC did you?
I must say, that full strap is the only one I've every truly liked. I often find them far too elegant. I'd sport those in a heartbeat.Nice wingtips too! Great post of a couple rare shells!
Orvis did a version of the "George Boot". I looks to be a pull-up leather like CXL. Not sure of your size but anything over a size 10 is in stock (anything smaller will ship in a few weeks).http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=3C47
Just beautiful. One I'd like to add to my rotation one day.
Fantastic collection! Nothing wrong with a "fleet of gunboats" =
I've had shell pairs that don't have the Horween stamp (that were first quality and not recrafted).
Thats one of the best boots to come out of the Alden factory. Congrats, it wont be your last pair. Be sure to post some pics on you feet in the wild.
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