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Those are awesome and i would feel the same way as you do. Damn my duck feet. I miss out on the the great (D width) aberdeen make-ups.We need more e widths!!!.
hah ha! I wanted to use his fancy scarf to honest.
I found a dice of bell pepper in the cuff of my NS last night....I have not cooked with peppers for over a week...
A guy spilled his latte on my Cigar LWBs this morning at Starbucks I think he knew i was pissed by the way I looked at him. #first world problems
Thank you sir. Common Projects were my first choice but i'm worried they'll fit like chucks; I tend to blow out the sides of my chuck taylors with my duck feet.
Even with all of the shell around, these are still a fantastic make-up!Nice stuff
Hey guys. I'm an avid dress shoe guy (Alden, Church's etc) but new to the world of sneakers. Is there a company out there that makes a quality leather sneaker in E (wide) widths Thanks in advance.
It was the ravello short wing blucher.Now...perhaps the whiskey cap toe bal. Or the LS 4x4
They are not my Holy Grail ( ), therefore I'm very happy for you
You are going to make a lot of people very unhappy with these photos. Nice boots
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