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Yes sir! They were my first pair of shells. The beginning of an addiction.
I love'em. Some of the best looking beef-rolls yet!
Nothing special, but found these today on my girlfrien's computer from a wedding back in August. Maybe not the best sock/suit combo (stripes on stripes)
Scott Schuman "The Sartorialist" fashion bloggerwww.thesartorialist.comhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Schuman
Yes! A lot of pockets and hooks and loops. A little too much for my taste, to be honest. Like you said though, it was a great deal. Up here they had it tagged for $1098 ($999 at j.crew USA). would have kicked myself if i didn't do it.Edit: if it's good enough for Scott it's good enough for me.
I just scooped a To Ki To Military Jacket for $461.30 CAD up here in Toronto at Holt Renfrew "Last Call" (our Burgdorf/NM/Sacks). I waited a little too long on the Large (a practical fit) and it was gone today when I went to buy it. Went with the Medium (SF approved fit). It's a bit snug on my 42 chest but I couldn't pass it up.
I'm not a huge George fan but if i were to rock a pair it would be the pair offered by Orvis. Pretty bad ass lookin. Filson cruiser, raw denim a shotgun, and these
Damn! Now those look awesome. I find that style of loafer to be very elegant, but in that rough pull-up style leather they look less polished.
Those are beautiful. Other than a crease, what was wrong with them that caused Alden to make them 2nds?
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