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This could go very badly, in many different ways. Maybe leave it for now and wear them as Natural CXLThe Natural CXL will soak up that color like crazy so if you're a little heavy-handed you cant simply 'wipe off' the darker color.If anything, i'd feed it a bit of Venetian Shoe Cream or neatsfoot oil. This will darken it slightly and also feed the leather with moisture.
Welcome to Alden shell. Do your best with a brush. I've brushed like a mad man (on different pairs) and the water spots never truly go away.As mac has said in the past "dont worry, enjoy wearing your cigar LWB"
Beautiful.MTO? or off the rack?
Is the leather on Alden's calf offereings cut (shaved) as thick as say the chromexcel or cordovan offerings? I have calf shoes from other shoe companies but don't always love how "thin" the calf feels. I like how robust the cordovan/CXL feels.
WOW I really like these. So much better than the standard black indy.
LOVE the eyelets and the entique edge...but crepe?!?
Naw, Aldens only. There are other threads for mixed collections
Thank you, kind sir.
AE question from an Alden guy. Can anyone tell me what last the "Lambert" was made on? Thanks in advance
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