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I don't love the idea of Topys to protect against the salt and slush of Toronto sidewalks. You and I both know that puddles and slush run much deeper than the thin Topy glued to the sole of your shoe. You're really not "protecting" anything if you think about it. If I were you, I'd invest in a pair of SWIMS over shoes to protect your new AEs. If you want to truly protect them, this is the way to go.They come in black too...but thats no fun
It really is special when you open the box of your first pair (and every pair after that ) of shell cordovan Aldens. The fragrance alone is worth the price.
I couldn't do that. It's very likely that these will end up in the trash, or on your shelf as a daily reminder to never do something like this again lol.
I'm sorry but those are amazing! The bar lacing sets it off!This will force me to pull the trigger on the 4060 i've been on the fence about.
Sounds like my girlfriend...
I don't own a pair of tankers but i do have shoes in both lasts. Most people are the same size in barrie and trubalance. However, some have said because of the hand sewn nature (gathering of material around the stitching) of the NST/tanker, it causes the barrie to fit a little tighter in the toe box than a ptb would. This should be considered if you are already tight, width wise, on the Trubalance.
Does anyone know how much the Shell Royal Imperial Longwings went for (price) when they were new? They have the v cleat and 5 nails.
That much (extreme) rolling/folding looks like the shoes are too big for you. I know you said you had to bend the shoe a lot, but even at full stride she shoe should never look like that. IMO.
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