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There is also an alarming amount of 11.5 -12 folks out there. More often than not there are less 11.5-12 ordered in a typical alden run as well.
I've never seen these before, if they are actually alden . Found them surfing the webz. http://instagram.com/p/eaO7t6N-0L/ They do look like an aberdeen lasted loafer under that kiltie...
Great stuff MrDV. Happy to see you got your hands on a pair!You've been after them for a while, no?
Looks as if there is an invisible man in those boots; the way they are positioned on the stairs.
I have a pair of 4 year old cigar LWBs that welted like that last month
I really love this shot for some reason. Invisible man?!?Good looking boots.
And my favorite of all time. Well done Sir.
Those look perfect DV. Like they've never been worn!one of Alden's best for sure.
This is my favorite pair. Even before I was an Alden fan, I loved the look of shortwing bluchers. This pair, being Ravello Shell, sealed the deal for me.I will never part with these.I'll also use this as my 'ravello week' entry
New Posts  All Forums: