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Leather Soul did a run of them on Barrie not too long ago, but sold out.Right i'll have to check with city shoes, always forget to check with them!A whiskey NST on the barrie is a grail shoe of mine...sigh
At this point one can not be picky. However, I should have specified. I mean an NST blucher. The aberdeen does not work for me.I'd take a boot but the tankers are hot lately.
Is anyone doing a Barrie NST on #8 currently?
Congrats my friend, on both your wedding and new acquisition!
Dear lord.Stunning!
[[SPOILER]] Wow. those are great.
So much win Alden's SWB pattern is so underrated. One of their best IMO.
You've got them on the wrong feet!!?!
Thanks guys. I can see that now. There was no offense taken regardless.Apparently I need another coffee today...
Sorry gents. I was not on my phone but i'll be sure to do it in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: