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See you there. I'll be the slightly overweight, hairy guy.
TSM told me it was "new whiskey"...They are Snap last i think
MTO Dream shoe Saddle Bucher Barrie Last -Ravello Toe and Quarter(heel cup) -Cigar Saddle -Exposed Brown eyelets -Flat welt- dark brown -Dark brown edge trim -Double Waterlock sole or The LS 4x4....*swoon*
Picked this up to steer the dog away from my Ravello SWBs
2nd that RTP!They are stunning. Timeless.
Fantastic. I really love Whiskey and Ravello in a SWB pattern. One of Alden's best IMO
Love 'emOne of my top pairs for sure. they go with everything.As always you sport them well DV
On a whim, popped by the local thrift shop today (hunting for vintage Barbours/Levis/Schott jackets) and found these old girls. 663s. Admittedly they have some toe damage and need a resole...and...are a width to small for me..and ...are not shell I just couldn't leave them behind, who knows where they would end up.!?! I'll spruce them up a little and they can become my "Training Tassels"...As it has been hard pulling the trigger on a new pair of shell tassels They...
Thats right. You mentioned that he was an old racer/wrench. Very cool. That'll be a good project together.I'll definitely take you up on that ride when she's done
It'll be quicker (budget) build So you still have it? I'd get her up and running
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