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I love these too. However, i couldn't look past how the oils of the chamois leather are bleeding into the snuff suede.Edit: sorry this has already been discussed...
This is stunning. I'm not usually a huge fan of 3/4 or full fairings but yours looks perfect on the bike.i've yet to play around with a BMW. Probably because they still pull a premium even when they are 35-40 yars old
I'll playI have been playing around with a '77 Honda CJ360 this winter. Trying to go super minimal with the build. It's kickstart only (from factory). I want it to be narrow and light; like a BMX bike with 40hp!I've fully rebuilt the engine with full seals and gaskets. New piston rings. Lapped valves and seats. I've re-laced the wheels with new spokes.ADuring mock-up. removed unwanted crap (tabs, mounts etc) form frame that will no longer be needed. Added (welded on) a...
Your efforts have paid off.Thats Brooks Brothers top offering, if you ask me.Beautiful.
When are you going to sell these to me?I'm patiently waiting...
Dear Lord. These are stunning DV.Such a fantastic shade
Wow! Page 1,000. This thread is insane.
A small wallet I made for a friend for Christmas. 6 card slots and a bill section. Italian veg' in tan. 9tpi, hand stitched. Sorry about the garbage pics, I was rushed to get it wrapped up.
Good meeting you too,TO Tie Guy. Always enjoyable putting a face to the names on here. A good group of passionate individuals last night.ClassyCanuck , Thanks for the kind words man; I had to put on my 'big boy pants' to wear the ravello in the rain/sleet. Your #8 cap toe boots, in person, have solidified my decision that I NEED a pair.Felt like the night flew. Much better show than this past spring; the Alden Rep was on point this year. I'm sure the flowing alcohol helped
See you there. I'll be the slightly overweight, hairy guy.
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