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I LOVE how they are in front of (what looks like) the television. I'd likely be looking at the shoes more that whats on the tube.
amin, awesome collection. Good versatility
I agree, my friend, those plaza bals are grail material.One of the best black shell shoes out there IMO.
These are stunning. So not Alden looking, which is refreshing in a way.Good stuff. I'd love a pair of those
That's insane.
This is awesome. CXL has always been on equal ground with shell, in my opinion. You cant ignore how easily it shrugs off scuffs and the elements!
I'm still a sucker for the #8 and black edge combo. This destroys all rare shell/edge trim in my opinion.
Sorry i'm a few months behind on answering this; They are a shortwing blucher from Leather Soul Hawaii.Thanks for the kind words by the way.
Thats a good looking jacket. Understated but still very cool.
Awesome stuff. I'd love a pair of those. Where did you score them from?
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