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Rightfully so! I'd love a pair of those!
+1000Aveda grooming clay and/or grooming cream is awesome stuff. Great workable hold without that sticky/waxy feeling.Like 5 day old unwashed beach hair ...
A local guy has this Ducati Monster "chopper" for sale Needless to say it's been listed for years
Just lookin' to stir the pot are you?
Ah man you're killin me with those shots. They look like old CXL now
If you send them back to Alden they wont fix the spot, they will simply dye the rest of the shoe to match the spot...or darker even.ill advised From what i've seen before with lighter shell, situations like this only get worse the more you try to "fix" the issue.
I know! It takes rocks to do that with rare shell!I had nightmares last night of Ravello water-welts and an eternity of bruhing.
Fire off a pm if you ever want to unload some of those boots! I'm local!
There is also an alarming amount of 11.5 -12 folks out there. More often than not there are less 11.5-12 ordered in a typical alden run as well.
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