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And my favorite of all time. Well done Sir.
Those look perfect DV. Like they've never been worn!one of Alden's best for sure.
This is my favorite pair. Even before I was an Alden fan, I loved the look of shortwing bluchers. This pair, being Ravello Shell, sealed the deal for me.I will never part with these.I'll also use this as my 'ravello week' entry
Lookin' good man!Very Jealous !
Gents, maybe a bit BDSM... Up on the Bay Alden police boots! http://www.ebay.com/itm/OFFICIAL-ALDEN-POLICE-MOTORCYCLE-BOOTS-/121248546059?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1c3af9fd0b I'd like to think i'd avoid buying these if they were my size....
UGH!!! you and DV are KILLING me!!!Those look so amazing. I think i'm coming back around...I NEED these!I'm going to be the best shod homeless person
Don't sweat it man. They look good from here
I just talked myself out of these and you go and post this picture...Looking fantastic
I've got an early 80's vintage gamefair, it's an awesome jacket. I re-waxed it last fall and now it's wind and water proof!!!
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