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I'd say that's a nice selection, good for every scenario
4060s?NEEDS to be my next pair!
I really love these.If someone made them in #8 shell i'd be all over them.
Ha ha my Westie goes nuts too
This is pretty fantastic partrick. Thanks for posting it again as i missed it the first time.The mechanic in me loves this.
Love the name.
A little Saturday morning juxtaposition. "Work" on the right "Play" on the left Looking at this photo, I realize how ridiculous my work boots/shoes look. #blue collar patina #champagne taste, beer money
These are quite special. Even in Calf!Where did you score these from?
I'm in 11.5 E/12E on the tremont E width on exotic shell/lasts is a hard score these days.
Fantastic! Like a second skin on you.Whiskey SWB Bals always look like they're worth 3 times their actual price.To find a pair in my size puts them i'n my grail territory currently.
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