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Ha ha my Westie goes nuts too
This is pretty fantastic partrick. Thanks for posting it again as i missed it the first time.The mechanic in me loves this.
Love the name.
A little Saturday morning juxtaposition. "Work" on the right "Play" on the left Looking at this photo, I realize how ridiculous my work boots/shoes look. #blue collar patina #champagne taste, beer money
These are quite special. Even in Calf!Where did you score these from?
I'm in 11.5 E/12E on the tremont E width on exotic shell/lasts is a hard score these days.
Fantastic! Like a second skin on you.Whiskey SWB Bals always look like they're worth 3 times their actual price.To find a pair in my size puts them i'n my grail territory currently.
Sure it does. That's how I'd sport 'em!
Love the Cigar and orange together DV.I often sport orange laces in my Cigar LWBs.Great stuff!
Ravello SWB today and indoors
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