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That jacket fits you perfectly man. The Border jacket replaced the Gamefair (which i currently own from the late 70s early 80s). The cut of these jackets is supposed to be on the longer side to protect you from the elements; the bagginess is part of their appeal. Think peacoat compared to an overcoat.I'm sure your wife has more pull than I do, but I would keep it! Especially for $20
I'll be the first to say... WOW!!! Those look awesome. At first glace i thought they were cigar.Lovely shoes!
Monks are usually Aberdeen
Love the monks! Nice score.I need a pair of these. Holding out for a plaza or barrie make-up.
The worst!!!
I agree with aldenwear and DV on this one. If I were to do it all over again the 975 (#8 shell LWB) would be my first pair of Aldens (and should be your 3rd )
DV man! You wear that NST so well.Has to be the best batch of revello we've seen in a long time. The depth of color is amazing. #4/Cigar Hybrid!!?!
These are stunning. I would have been all over these if I did not already have the SWB in Ravello already.
Quick! Stop drop and roll your body through all of that!
Thanks Saz!Spot on! APC New Standard. Filson x Levis jacket.…the shirt is actually a 10 year old gap shirt; i love the pattern and can't bring myself to part with it.
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