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Things i've done to avoid walking in rain with exotic shell:1. Had a 2nd pair of "rain worthy" shoes in the car with me.2. Plastic bags on my feet (ravello swb) for the 50 yard dash to my car from the office.3. Ran like a girl skipping over puddles.4. Removed my shoes and went bare foot from my car to my house....i wish this was a lie
THIS!GO! Take pictures!!!
Spend more time in this thread.It's a sickness really. I'm infected.
WHAT A SCORE!Jealous for sure.What was the defect? off center medallion on the right (pictured left) shoe?
Thanks man!Yes i have a small 12 amp Li-ion battery under the tail along with the reg/rec unit, fuse box and blinker relay. I actually built the tail section around the size of battery i needed for this bike.You do need a (at least a small) battery if you are looking to run full lighting on your bike, kick start or not. I have both on the bike currently.You're correct, tank and tail is a matte midnight blue. I thought it worked well with the brown grips and seat.Thanks for...
I'd kill for a pair in an e width. #8 or black
Thanks guys. Half way through this case i wanted to change a few things. Some detailing, two straps, external pocket on the back side for a magazine or newspaper. The next one for sure. I'll use Wickett and Craig bridle on the next one.
yes please
Wow. Speachless with everyones kind words. Thank you all very much. Truly. Means a lot from such a discerning group of gentlemen.I make stuff for colleagues and friends but this is the first for myself. [[SPOILER]] Here is a shot of the handle. Maybe a monochromatic thread would have matched the shoes better.
Thank you!The 'ledge' you speak of actually sits in a void/vacant area in your palm when you carry the case. My intention was to leave a smooth and flat area at the bottom side of the handle, where most of the weight will be felt by your hand/fingers.
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