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Just an update for those who are interested: All controls now installed. New carbs installed (probably scrap the velocity stacks for pod filters). Seat, exhaust and wiring are left to do. Hopefully May 1st will be when i turn her over for the first time, at least that's what i'm telling myself
Has anyone seen any Natural CXL Tassels in E widths out there? Or Snuff Tassels in E width? Thanks gents 11.5 E to be specific
Shell LHS; probably my favorite pair of Aldens.They turn into slippers in no time. sockless with shorts is a solid look. Usually get compliments each time i ear them.
Hot stuff man! I didn't know you had a pair of those!?!From BlackBird no?I should have scooped a pair when i had the chance.
I LOVE how they are in front of (what looks like) the television. I'd likely be looking at the shoes more that whats on the tube.
amin, awesome collection. Good versatility
I agree, my friend, those plaza bals are grail material.One of the best black shell shoes out there IMO.
These are stunning. So not Alden looking, which is refreshing in a way.Good stuff. I'd love a pair of those
That's insane.
This is awesome. CXL has always been on equal ground with shell, in my opinion. You cant ignore how easily it shrugs off scuffs and the elements!
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