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BB PTB for me today Every time I put this shoe on I remember how much I like. A bit of a rushed photo though.
LS CXL Chukka on a gloomy day
OOF!!! AMAZING colour on those TO!
tifosi, thank you very much. I think the early morning sun helps I need some whiskey in my rotation. Should have jumped on them a few years ago when i had the chance.Thanks DV. I dont baby them too much, but i did give them a good boning recently
Thanks Shawnc.
Morning Gents First venture outside in 2014 for these and only my 2nd time wearing shell this year. This winter took forever to leave. 5 year old Cigar LWB time to give the 403s and 1000 mile boots a rest
GREAT color on those Mike
Great post DV.I, one day, hope to make it out there for a visit. Hopefully soon. I know I have a problem when I schedule a trip halfway across the world because I want to visit a shoe store.It is sad however to hear they only have one pair of shell there. a place that was once the pinnacle of Alden shell offerings.There is not much i wouldn't do for those saddles. Those and the 4x4 are tops when it come to #4
Thanks man. just checked their page. Looks like they have up to size large in the gloss black. But no XL for my big noggin.
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