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Thats a good looking jacket. Understated but still very cool.
Awesome stuff. I'd love a pair of those. Where did you score them from?
DV on the attack! You've been killin' this week....nothing new . The french/blogger blue looks awesome next to the Ravello shell!
You're welcomewww.leathersoulhawaii.com
Awesome stuff NAMOR! I respect how little you baby your boots. Not that you are abusive or negligent, just that you go about your day and wherever happens happens. As a result the patina is quite stunning.
Thanks very much!Thank you Beatle!They are roughly 4 years old from TSM...when they used to ship outside of the US!
Old photo from the summer. A little dusty Miss the sunshine up here
Rightfully so! I'd love a pair of those!
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