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And a fine post at that!990, fantastic.
Cheers man! Thanks so much for the kind words. When i've got my straps dialed in, you'll be the first to know.
Your best bet is send them to b.nelson in NYC to have the hooks replaced with eyelets. You'd have to have your boots recrafted for Alden to even consider looking at them, I assume.
Thanks Saz
It actually started a few years back when i began restoring vintage motorcycles. I wanted to do everything myself, so when it came time to upholster a set for the bike I had to learn how to do it.I did not have access to a sewing machine that could sew leather, so I researched 'sewing leather by hand'. I found and watched/read endless hours of traditional european saddle making techniques (the way Hermes does it, for lack of better way of explaining it).Most...
I know this is an Alden shoe thread but I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. Over the last few years I have taken up leatherwork as a hobby. I do everything without the help of machines (all hand cut and hand sewn etc). I felt that I was getting to the point I where I wanted to invest in better quality leathers so I sprung for one of these... Full #8 Horween Shell Cordovan butt. This is the 2nd largest of the 5 available sizes that shell comes...
I love these too. However, i couldn't look past how the oils of the chamois leather are bleeding into the snuff suede.Edit: sorry this has already been discussed...
This is stunning. I'm not usually a huge fan of 3/4 or full fairings but yours looks perfect on the bike.i've yet to play around with a BMW. Probably because they still pull a premium even when they are 35-40 yars old
I'll playI have been playing around with a '77 Honda CJ360 this winter. Trying to go super minimal with the build. It's kickstart only (from factory). I want it to be narrow and light; like a BMX bike with 40hp!I've fully rebuilt the engine with full seals and gaskets. New piston rings. Lapped valves and seats. I've re-laced the wheels with new spokes.ADuring mock-up. removed unwanted crap (tabs, mounts etc) form frame that will no longer be needed. Added (welded on) a...
Your efforts have paid off.Thats Brooks Brothers top offering, if you ask me.Beautiful.
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