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Does anyone have a pic of the Cordovan NST (80414) on the forest? Specifically armagnac shell. I've put them in my cart half a dozen times, but cant pull the trigger.
Love the double row of stitching on these. I dont recall ever seeing that before.
Fantastic 👍🏻I've mulled over these for years. I like the design much more than Aldens NST. How do they fit compared to the Barrie lady from Alden?
Channeling Don L in this shot
Cigs in the sun bit dusty
Yes thses are Horween
Thanks Dubs
I'm a SNUG 11.5D in the Barrie, especially in the width. I opted for the 11.5E grant boot and was very happy with the fit.That being said I could see how if I didn't go up in width my toes would be cramped on the grant last (given it's slight almond shaped toe)In short go 11.5E if you feel the Barrie width is snug or go 12 if you feel the Barrie length is snug
Your foot will sink slightly into the cork mid-sole, loosening up the boot, but the shell uppers will do little to no stretching.IMO
Hey gents. Long time lurker of this page but never had anything to contribute Cross post from the Carmina thread Inca last "Bourbon" shell
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