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Here is the story: Bought the 9D's and they were a little tight, doubled down and bought the 9.5D's and they were a little loose. Turns out I am a 9EEE in Wolverine Style Boots and a lot like Goldilocks. Because I originally planned on giving these ones I had tried on as gifts, I didn't return them in time (and now I can't). Long Story Short I paid for $380 + Sales Tax + Shipping = $420ish STP is apparently now selling these in LIMITED SIZES and FACTORY SECONDS for ...
Original vintage Cleveland Indian Necktie! The classiest way to show you support the dream this summer! best offer / trades considered. Especially looking for a Detroit Tigers tie to complete my collection!
Thanks for the feedback!
wish this was a 36/38 sammie
yeah so confused, and why leg measurements if no pants? also why buy suit for 749 if orphaned jacket? consfusions.
+1 . This. Better Knot Key.
The Calvin Klein Body Line can be had at many dept. stores, although quality might not be that of Brooks, it's a nice cut and definitely comes in grey.
that being said im interested in the suspenders .
yes. but fit is king. adding the effort of tailoring cost to make it fit from ok to great might take you to $100+ still not a bad deal but it's hard finding slim fit blazers for that price point. IMHO.
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