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Yuketen has a small workshop in Maine where everything is done from start to finish. They're definitely made in America. The Monitaly lookbook from FW10 actually features the "manager" of their workshop modeling Monitaly garments.I dont think Yuketen would label some footwear made in Mexico or Canada, if they could just finish it here and say "Made in the USA"I wouldn't worry about it.
S2w8 ponchos?
Yea, I would guess they'd be pretty much identical. 60/40 is more like 54/46 but for a marketing perspective they call it 60/40.
it is Nylon/Cotton for that reason. It's not water proof, but it will wick away moisture like rain/snow. If you've ever seen a 60/40 parka by say like, classic Sierra Designs - I think the NyCo parka is 60/40 material as well. You can't stand in a waterfall and not get wet, but it should be fine against anything else if you're not being drenched.
That WWM Maine Guide is like one of the best jackets ever. I've got it in a beautiful herringbone wool but would trade mine in a heartbeat for the brown corduroy.
Isachenko I think that it's safe to say that it is common knowledge for EG to have two sides to each collection, a crazy side with the prints you like so well - and the basic side with all of the fabrics we've come to love. Daiki has given two completely different styles and made them all work together. If the brand isn't something that you're interested in, then why try and come here stir the pot? I'd be the first one to say that none of those prints are for me, but I...
Hey I'm vegan, tell it again.
Cool story tell it again.
Embrace the EG shirting! Let it consume you.
I picked up a FW13 chambray. Man, I am boring.
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