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The messy bartacks kill it for me. I've always loved EG because he used proper bartacks and they were always subtle. Those double 'x' style bartacks are cool, but make it look to Affliction brostyle for my liking.
How much is the tablier?
That jacket man, so dope. Wanted one really bad but just never found one. You're braver than I, rocking workshirts without an undershirt - do you wash yours a lot because of sweat and what not?
I know I do EG different than most here. EG to me is just easy to wear stuff for everyday things. I've never got into the more artistic side of the brand, but I love their everyday stuff. EG Workshirt EG Workaday Utility Jacket in grey sateen Orslow 6 pocket cargos McKinlay for Nepenthes Sherwood boots
I think the tie looks good man. Nothing wrong with keeping the same color palette, you could change it up with your pants - but me, I'd probably wear olive cords or something with that. Maybe I'm too uniformed though with my EG looks :P
overdyed railroader, workshirt, type 41, mckinlay sherwood.
Context is stocking it in coated olive.
I would cuff the pants and make them break right at the top of your oxfords. I feel like it makes the type 41's look a lot more flattering. Love that work shirt, one of my favorite ones. Good call on that!
I know... that photo is so old. I feel like I'm much cooler now! Man! But the dog, he's the definition of cool. Bush shirt, Type 41's, and McKinlay Sherwoods.
Is Nepenthes NY stocking the tabliers? Specifically the olive nyco one?
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