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(I know the photo doesn't really showcase EG, I just loved the focus on the SLP) explorer jacket in nyco weather poplin fw15 workshirt navy bedford workaday cords slp s2w8 briefcase
@pe3brain Dude, I was talking about myself! I accidentally posted something that was meant to go to the Show us how you roll in EG. Your post was totally fine, I am sorry! I should of made it more obvious that I was the one in the wrong thread!
EG FW14 Workshirt/EG FW15 E-1 Pants/Shoes Like Pottery
@vcrash the wear on that type 5 is awesome man. i couldn't rock it, but it looks great on you!
They are!
^i wear a 9.5 in con 1970 (they're a bit tight but the 10 is too long) and i am wearing a 10 in shoes like pottery. they fit just about perfect. in regards to the shoe itself: there is no comparison in the quality of these versus 1970 cons, these shoes are comfy as fuck, aesthetically superior (imo), and i just know they'll last a long time, plus made in japan by people paid a fair wage. the comfort from the back of the shoe not having that thick rubber shield that cons...
workaday everything, shoes like pottery, s2w8
Damn those cord fatigues crush it man. Holy crap. So jealous.
New Balance 993s, Converse 1970's, Shoes Like Pottery, Trickers, Russell Moc, New England Outerwear, Yuketen.
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