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Oh jeez Hahah
Hey guy, hope this is okay. I have a pair of like new Oxblood chromexcel country loafers on a crepe sole. Worn maybe 5 or so times. I woudl like to get $120 shipped for them. They are a size 10D and fit TTS.
Loving the Bush shirts... wish it was not so darn hot here or I'd throw mine on for a fit pic...
fw09 workshirt out on some 'Florida man' vibes.
Workaday is basically more traditional military style fit. Straight leg, high rise, big leg opening, etc. Main line is more tapered, lower rise, etc. If you want to embrace the baggyish Eg steez, you'll want the workaday. If you want something more fitted with a smaller leg opening but like the fatigue pockets etc, go with mainline.
Misread your question. If your waist is a 30, you will probably wear a small fatigue and have to taper the waist tabs. A small fatigue probably fits about 31-32 inch waist.You would wear a size 32 workaday cord if your waist is a true 30.
This pains me to do but I've gotta accept the fact that workaday cords are just cut way too small. I've got a pair of olive workaday cords in size 36 up for trade. They are 9/10 condition. I would entertain Eg in xl top or 36 bottoms. Other Japanese brands in sizes I would also be interested in. Just want to get these to a good home and pick up something I can comfortably wear. Please note, you should wear a 34 in EG bottoms to wear these. If you wear a 36 and think...
Lightly worn size 34 Rogue Territory Dbl Indigo Work Trousers. This fabric wears quickly, so there is some indigo discoloration at wear spots - but they've only been worn maybe 4-5 times - and soaked once to stop them from getting dye everywhere. They fit a big 34 - and I can wear them comfortable as someone who wears a size 36 in EG Pants. They were professionally hemmed by Karl at Rogue Territory to 33 inch inseam.
I've got an XL tab collar shirt that is BNWT in navy flannel with grey polka dots. I would love to trade this for a workshirt or miner shirt - or even 19th bd. Let me know.
I looked back over the last 4-5 years of my life in random photos I took/was tagged in/whatever and I realized that I always have a chambray workshirt on. I really want to do a collage, although some of the photos are horrible. I finally have to say RIP to my FW10 (my first) workshirt in blue chambray. It is covered in holes, and ripped at the seems, and the shade of blue that only a country singer would find appropriate. What should I do with it? Frame it?
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