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For real! I decided I needed to up my tee game and try some of those workaday pocket tees. I haven't seen them anywhere else in stock.I know Blue Button Shop carries them but I think XL is all gone.
I believe they did a custom wool print with Fairbult again, just like the salmon people they did in FW13. I think that is that print. In regards to the jumpsuit. Just wear it, throw a workshirt over it or a light jacket. Pretty simple. I wear my overalls all the time - sometimes as pants (with a workshirt buttoned up over them) or sometimes the workshirt under them as overalls.
That cord mackinaw is on some Killa Cam shit. It's dope though!
I've got a FW10 Woolrich Woolen Mills (Daiki era) Maine Guide in black Melton Wool. Probably the last size XLs left that need a permanent home. Brand new with tags. Retailed for $595, wanting to get trade or sell. If you're interested, shoot me a PM. Size XL.
MoK killing it! Nice man! You wearing those desert pants in a size 34, or did they have a 36 up on Yoox?
Typically with the denim fabrics they're cut bigger to account for shrinking in 'traditional laundering'. The fabrics with less shrinking are usually cut more TTS.
I would go workaday and pinroll the hem if you want a smaller leg opening. The fit is flattering on anyone and the wider leg with a nice pinroll looks really good (and different) IMO.
Which is funny, because I've never seen a size XL EG piece on Context hit sale. So, not sure how that makes sense - but... oh well.
those navy cord fatigues :O
Trying to fund a purchase, so moving this to a new home. Reversed sateen military jacket. Double way YKK zip closure along with button over storm flap. Internal pocket. Sawtooth stitching on collar. Throat tab. Fully lined body, fully lined sleeves (floral acetate). Great condition. Get your fall game looking right. Size XL. Some OG EG (I'm so funny) $160 shipped in the USA.
New Posts  All Forums: