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I definitely would contact them if you are unhappy with the quality level of the garment, which you should be. They will definitely make it right. I would suggest e-mailing them.
Dope! I wanted the brown cord one. So legit.
got some EG/WWM/Post Overalls in XL/36 for sale.. gonna update this when i get home, but; engineered garments miner shirt in a super nice grey/navy brushed flannel in xl (fits long, definitely has a 'long shirt vibe' just too heavy for here) - size xl - $90 shipped engineered garments binoc shirt in oversized plaid from fw08. super heavy duty, in great condition. keep it weird with this shirt. size xl. - $80 shipped post overalls mattalini jacket in a nice...
I'm looking for some size XL long shirts dudes. I can't get enough. I've got a ton of stuff for trade.
I think the highland parka looks dope. Try wearing some slimmer fitting pants (EG E-1's come to mind) and some unconventional shoes - like some Air Force 1 lows or something. That is one of those pieces that looks really neat worn with crazy stuff. It's the epitome of 'big top, little bottom' from EG.
Just unearthed some size 34 navy heavy twill desert pants for trade for something in 36 or XL. I'm not picky. Just want something that'll fit. PM me.
to my xl/36 dudes - i have a ton of stuff to trade. i just realized i have way to many pairs of eg pants and some rare shirts/jackets that i just do not wear. hit me up, as i consolidate a list i will post it - but first dibs is going to be in PM's... some stuff of the top of my head: indigo overdyed railroader in xl yellow/brown/black/red plaid binocular popover in xl cone mills denim fatigues in 36 workaday 41 khakis in tan/olive in size xl (36) some older woolrich...
You just go thru the order thing and then they e-mail you a shipping quote and you just type APPROVE. Its really easy dude. Don't worry, you'll get it faster than most domestic parcels.
Love that North Wood. Wish it would of come back a second season.
New Posts  All Forums: