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Yea, that sorta rekindled my hunt for one - I refuse to pay anywhere near $479.
Hi guys, something I am really looking for is a EG Poncho - I really like this season (SS11 I think) but I'd be open to any others as well.
I have got some US10 EG Vans authentics in Sunforger that I'd love to trade for 10.5's in Sunforger or Rev sateen.
With this being said, was super bummed I missed the sunforger authentics - so yesterday, I randomly checked eBay and bought a pair that looks pretty close to unworn for $35! They had been listed for 3 minutes. Heres to hoping they fit.
I should of never bought a chambray work shirt, I've completely worn through 2, so now I have 9 from various seasons. The addiction is real.
Size medium Photographer vest in khaki ripstop for $66. You're welcome. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ragtag/item/r2100327901870/
I'm flattered!
grey sateen workaday, fw12 or 13 brushed flannel workshirt, navy desert pants, and mckinlays
Yea, they definitely fit bigger in the chest at least. It's supposed to be a "work" jacket, so it is more roomy than a Bedford in the chest and shoulders.
Pcked up FW14 workshirt for my fiance and I love the fabric and want one for myself. Missed out on the XL at Independence on sale. Anyone have a spot to pick up a FW14 workshirt in chambray, size XL?
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