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I launder about once a month. They're starting to look really good at this point, about 2yrs in.
Nepenthes should have one-wash (still very starchy and rough, these are the ones I wear) as well as USED to have a raw pair that hadn't touched water yet. I believe the denim to be from Cone Mills based on the 'vintage' style fade that Workaday denim gets. I think they are an amazing pair of jeans that fit really great with EG. The minimal design (no pocket design, matching thread/bartacking) really make them work well with the brand. I've got a pair that I wear daily that...
EG from head to toe (as usual) Workaday 19th Century Chambray SS13 Field Jacket in olive NyCo FW13 EG fatigues in brown duck canvas 1970 chucks
I go TTS on work shirts, because otherwise the gusset is going to come up real high and probably show your undershirt. I honestly feel like their cut big to wear hard and wash/dry without ruining the fit completely. Some of the ones I've worn for 3-6 years have shrunken a bit in the sleeve/body but since I went TTS, they still fit fine.
If you wear a small in EG, you need to live and breath Rakuten.
FW15 workshirt, 2 year old workaday denim, and some hypebeast sneakers.
Where'd you cop for $106?
all EG, ranging from FW07 workshirt, SS12 field jacket, workaday jeans, SS14 bucket hat.
Curious what Gap JPN is and how it's obtainable. Pretty interesting, looks like a nice shirt.
Quick sale. Two pairs of Workaday Type 41 chinos in olive and khaki twill - size XL, which fits a 36-38. $170 shipped paypal gift or $95 each. SOLD Workaday Navy Herringbone Fatigues in size L - fit a size 36. Hemmed to a 31" inseam. $80 shipped. 8/10 condition.
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