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Pictures are shit. I am in the middle of a move and don't have any of my camera's readily available. These are size 36 one rinse Workaday jeans at about a month in.
I just got a pair of workadays about a month ago and they are pretty slim... I think you'd be pleasantly surprised with the fit if you want something more trim. I bought them with the plan they'd fit big, especially in the hem - but they are pretty skinny but work well.
The infamous final Suzuki era Mountain Parka in Navy NyCo with a navy and black buffalo plaid lining. This jacket absolutely rules. I bought two and one has stayed NWT, so now I am trying to sell it to raise some funds to buy a house. I really don't want to budge on the price with this one, because for the size and rareness, I think it's a good deal. Retailed for right around $600. The one I am wearing in the photos is not the one for sale, the one for sale is BNWT...
Post Overalls, Woolrich Woolen Mills (Daiki era), South2West8, Gramicci, Barrena, Battenwear, Needles
Old Post O'alls Workshirt in chambray in size large. Dyed in natural indigo dye to give it some new color! Mother of pearl buttons, reinforced gussets, pencil pocket. Real nice shirt with a lot of life left. Fits like an Extra Large. I wear XL in EG workshirts, and this shirt fits about the same. Shipping to Con US included.
Lightweight cotton fabric, perfect for summer. Hand dyed in natural dye to have a barn door red color. The stitching remains white so it's got a really nice contrast to it. This is in very good condition and fits like a typical EG XL. Free shipping in the con US. Willing to trade for other EG in XL or size 34/36 pants. Let me know if you have any questions.
Specially made for Inventory, this version of the Addison oxford comes in a sand suede, sans cap toe detail. The clean look and feel works nicely with the low profile lugged sole and natural welt. The shoes are made in Canada and come lined with an incredibly soft leather. These were worn at most 3 times. Other than a little dirt on the insole they are pretty much spotless. Sole will last forever, and they can be resoled when it wears out. These retailed for $300+, so get...
Do you "push" your toes up if you're working at a desk job or something similar? That could cause that to occur more rapidly than normal wear. I would contact George, he'll make sure to do right by you.
Why ditch em? Wear the hell of out them!
I love that expedition jacket. If it makes it to sale, I definitely want to pick one up. Price is too steep for a lightweight cotton ripstop for me.
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