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If you have XL/36 EG/orSlow/Needles/WWM (Daiki era) hit me up. Have a ton of stuff that I don't wear that I want to trade for the stuff you don't wear.
I'm trying to buy an upland vest in XL - any neutral color - midweight. I have a ton of stuff for trade or moneys. Hit me up!
Hahaha, man oh man.
I'd like to see a cuff on the pants with the McKinlays, but other than that - I like it!
Looking for a whipcord cruiser in XL... olive is preferred, but I'd do navy. I have a ton of stuff for trade. Also got a size 6 orslow 107 ivy fit jean, absolutely beautiful denim and I'm gutted they're too big for me. They would be better off for someone wearing a size 38-40. This is an extremely rare size of orslow jeans and I am willing to part with them for $150 (retail for about $300). I've worn them once, and washed them. The denim is absolutely gorgeous, slubby as...
^EG Banded Collar in white linen
wrong thread.
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