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I did a 'warm' wash with no spin, and a low heat dry and it took it up a bit. I'll try the same again today and it should be good. This is definitely not how I wash my other workshirts. I always wash them cold, no spin, and air dry them. Keeps the shape the same and stops the fabric from crocking.
So, anyone own FW13 chambray workshirt? Notice it fits super long? Like, really long? I just threw mine in the wash on 'warm' to hopefully remedy the fit. Little too long for my liking and I know I saw somewhere on a blog that it was cut like that intentionally - so if anyone knows if that is true - and also why - that would be cool. It's not long enough to be a 'long' shirt, just looks like a slightly ill fitting button up. Just noticed it today, and of course due to my...
@MOK that is really dope. I've been trying to find a pair of those overalls... Want to use them in the garden.
Tackled this one tonight. @habitant the mid-sole size is not going to change so its not going to impact the fit whatsoever unfortunately.
^so much good stuff. that penn shirt jacket in xl man... damnit.
@habitant http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=srs%3D2603230011%26search-alias%3Dspecialty-aps-brands&field-keywords=vibram+2060 Look at some Japanese Russell Moc make ups and see what soles they used, search for them on Amazon... find a decent cobbler, profit.
Thanks so much man. I am really trying to bring it back, so many people have been saying so many nice things - I just may. In regards to the sole, I just like the aesthetic of the Vibram 2060 sole. They use it on a lot of Russell Mocs.
^Tight! I had to take a pair of needle nose pliers to some of the leather edges on the interior, shit was killing my feet. Super comfortable now. The shoes are definitely made by Thorogood, which is a pretty low end US shoe manufacturer, but I'm happy with them for the price. The color is nice and the suede is pretty durable (wicks water off extremely well) We'll see how they wear. Once the Vibram Cristy is worn down I'm going to put a Vibram 2060 on them.
Olive HB BDU is sick.
As I continue to make progress on this repair..
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