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I'm also interested in sort of a knowledge share of good deals on EG stuff. Maybe we could combine the threads!
I don't see anything wrong with using this thread. I always like to see photos of Eg pieces I may of never seen. Especially if they're in my size!
@Cototn Dockers Thanks dude. Picked up that FW13 workshirt they had for $87 bucks shipped! Pretty stoked. Good buy for someone: Rev sateen highland for 288 CD, Large only. http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/sale-items/products/highland-parka-nyco-reverse-sateen
yea man, that dude had me thinking about getting some AF1's again... but then I remembered Nelly.
double workshirts, workaday rev sateen fatigues, mckinlays.
wrong thread! my bad.
Nothing wrong with chucks and EG. I like the First String series, the 1970s.
x-post from "show us how you roll in EG" fw14 field parka, beat to shit chambray work shirt, workaday fatigues in rev. sateen, mckinlays.
maybe I am blind. here is reversed sateen workadays, a beat to shit chambray workshirt, mckinlays, and the fw14 field parka.. also, wiwt.
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