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FW16 shawl/FW16 CPO/FW14 nyco fatigues
Got a ton of EG in XL and 36... hit me up if you're interested in buying/trading. Instagram is easier than SF, just DM me: simplethreads
props to all my dudes who got some EG pickups from that 60% steven alan sale. i picked up the navy flannel long shirt and the grey broken twill workshirt for $145 shipped :X
eg x odin workshirt, popover bd, e-1 pants, slp fucking with colliding patterns. the pants are grey herringbone cotton. shoulda wore my diy indigo shawl under the other layers to really keep it weird.
I think all of your looks would be a lot better w/ more EG style footwear man. That fit would be killer with some black NB 993's or something.
If you have XL/36 EG/orSlow/Needles/WWM (Daiki era) hit me up. Have a ton of stuff that I don't wear that I want to trade for the stuff you don't wear.
I'm trying to buy an upland vest in XL - any neutral color - midweight. I have a ton of stuff for trade or moneys. Hit me up!
Hahaha, man oh man.
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