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Which is funny, because I've never seen a size XL EG piece on Context hit sale. So, not sure how that makes sense - but... oh well.
those navy cord fatigues :O
Trying to fund a purchase, so moving this to a new home. Reversed sateen military jacket. Double way YKK zip closure along with button over storm flap. Internal pocket. Sawtooth stitching on collar. Throat tab. Fully lined body, fully lined sleeves (floral acetate). Great condition. Get your fall game looking right. Size XL. Some OG EG (I'm so funny) $160 shipped in the USA.
Feel you man! The size 36 mainline fatigues in denim should fit big, if they fit anything like FW14 cone denim mainline fatigues (getting to be pretty close to my all time favorite pants, next to rev. sateen workadays)
Got some SS15 size 34 navy cotton poplin USN pants hemmed to a 31" inseam. Anyone interested? Would trade them for anything in 36/XL or sell them for cheap.
Haven't seem that at all. Pics?
Indigo & Cotton has that one. I like it, but I have a denim bush shirt that I think is the same fabric, or pretty darn similar.
See anything that caught in your eye in a size xl or 36?
AL, I agree with you, but to those who can afford it - I think they still see the value, and I think this is why. Let me try and explain my thoughts... You've got high fashion outerwear and you've got heritage-hodge-podge outerwear. Somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, we've got Engineered Garments. A Rick Owens parka costs $2,000 USD. Why? Because you're paying for the name and for the appeal of being a ninja, granted I am sure the quality is pretty decent - its...
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