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Russell 11 is like a 12 US right? They fit huge from what I heard.
I just sold my beat up one on eBay for $99. Sorry!
$58 dollar shipped South2west8 small canoe sack and about $80 shipped for the large at maas and stacks with code: ss14lastchance Sale ends tonight I think.
any good deals? Anything in xl noteworthy? I know they do phone orders.
Why'd you have to post that picture of that S2W8 poncho? Every time I see it I cry.
XL fatigue pants should work good for you - from the workaday line. The type 41 khakis in XL - from the workaday line should also be good. Be aware, they are both mid to high rise pants, so they can take a bit of getting used to. Also, The Bureau Belfast stocks some EG pants in a 38 waist - it sucks to pay more due to the currency conversion - but they have pretty good sales sometimes.
Not embarrassing at all man. I am in the same boat. The workaday line runs big in my opinion, I sized up to an XL in the type 41 chinos, and I'd guess they measure 38" waist before wash. I washed/dried on warm and got them to a 36.5" waist. By far my favorite pair of EG pants I own. The fit is perfect.
Yea man I'm sorry real life just crazy at the moment. New baby and about to have a new house. It will be back once I move.Thanks for asking!
Overtime they do get smaller. I've got a FW10 chambray workshirt that has been HEAVILY worn that has shrunk in the length as well as sleeve length atleast in inch or so. It's almost become too short in the sleeve length unfortunately. Just wear it and wash it often, it should get a shorter in length and sleeve length...
Some old season ghurka pants I have have some slots for drawstrings. I'm thinking of getting some. Anyone have a good source for herringbone twill tape draw strings?
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