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www.newyorkhatco.com - they are the ones who make the camp caps for supreme/3sixteen/every usa made camp cap.
Nope, 2009 3sixteen camp cap.
Cool ass dude from the UK and me talking about Shoes Like Pottery. EG obviously.
Eg, shoes like pottery. Makeshift shawl out of some indigo Japanese homespun I found.
eg bucket, workshirt, daiki era camp shorts, and some funky nike water shoes.
Crushing it man. those USN pants look like a mixture of fabrics. Details on that?
(I know the photo doesn't really showcase EG, I just loved the focus on the SLP) explorer jacket in nyco weather poplin fw15 workshirt navy bedford workaday cords slp s2w8 briefcase
@pe3brain Dude, I was talking about myself! I accidentally posted something that was meant to go to the Show us how you roll in EG. Your post was totally fine, I am sorry! I should of made it more obvious that I was the one in the wrong thread!
EG FW14 Workshirt/EG FW15 E-1 Pants/Shoes Like Pottery
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