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I seem to recall a lot of folks wondering which Canadian bootmaker made shoes for Yuketen and some assuming it was Viberg. And at least from the e-mail, one might assume that those are Viberg service boots
The Marrkt sample sale is NOT a Viberg sample sale. The boots are made by Canada West and were made for Yuketen
Last message from me at least for today. The thing about the 2030 last is that it actually is pretty sleek. My 2030 service boots look more like a dress boot in shape than a work boot. But natural cxl is certainly not a dressy leather--far from it--and I like the contrast. The eyelet thing is not a deal breaker at all for me, and I even like them as pictured, but the 2030 last is, in my opinion, not at all what a conventional work boot last looks like--thought that is...
I couldn't find a picture of a truly plain derby (or blucher for that matter) with nat cxl and blind eyelets, but to get a sense of the leather itself with blind eyelets, this is what I found: http://leffot.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/DSC_00038.jpg http://leffot.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/DSC_00067.jpg
Might even consider brass eyelets, but would prefer 6 to 5.
I would like to vote for the 6 blind eyelets. In my mind, it actually makes the shoe just a tad bit more versatile in that you could wear it with something that comes closer to a business-casual look, particularly on a 2030 last.
April discount code? Just saw some shoes I"d like to get. Thanks.
I wonder if the price is off too, not just the description? I somehow thought these would be a little less expensive than the boots. The chukkas are less
I agree. I also REALLY like the blind eyelets.
I would like to see more pics of ebony essex if possible--at the Horween site they just post a description and the picture is of a different color. I know Brown CXL and like it. As for double leather sole vs. Dainite, I might prefer Dainite only because of the increased wearability and longer lasting sole (and love that it is low profile so still looks like a leather soled shoe) but probably wouldn't opt out of it were double leather.
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