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Haven't checked this thread in a while. What the eff...
None of my female friends know what shoehorns are.
Crossover from Q C&J thread...
Arrived today...
return it
Nice. I've got a pair of these that should be arriving in a week or so.
I wear them almost every day. If you're comfortable with your style you can make them appropriate in any situation. It's more the individual than the setting.
These showed up today... (sorry for poor pic quality, camera battery is dead, had to use phone) Style: Arden Last: 341 Color: Mahogany Size: 9E
Guess I spoke a little too soon. Came back to my desk this afternoon to find my shoes waiting. Maybe they were just delayed due to general holiday busyness. Hopefully you guys receive your items within the next couple of days. I wouldn't count on getting any delivery updates from USPS though. My tracking info went from nothing to "Delivered".
I'm in the exact same boat with a pair of shoes I ordered from England. Shipped 12/12 and have arrived in the US but still don't have a single update from USPS. Who knows when I'll get them...
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