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I'm in your same situation. I would like to own a tux and JCrew (fits wise) looks like a good option (before I would consider Joseph A Banks). I need to get one by the end of this month. How could I find discounts on one?
Thank you, it sounds like I should wear a tux. I can always dress it down later. Cheers and thanks for the replies everyone.
Good point. The invitation reads 'Vegas is coming to our city. Black jack &Texas holdem, etc'. Sophisticated& Sassy Evening Attire.' Any clue? I was wondering if I should wear a black tux or a black suit, white shirt and black tie. It seems they are mimicing Casino Royale and the whole Casino vibe.
What is considered "Evening Attire". specifically elegant evening attire for a casino night party?
Ralph Lauen Black labels are of great 100 % broadcloth cotton quality. Personally, I'd talk myself out of buying their dress shirts because of the price. I buy fitted 1MX Fitted dress shirts from Express. Sure its not premium cotton but its cheap and I don't feel too bad if I spill something on it. Now what I've done is INVEST in a Black Label suit. Its classic and modern and great Italian made wool with FULL canvas construction. Trust me, one of the best suits you can...
The staples don't go on sale. They do have Made to Measure events on discount but in my opinion if you can get it off the rack, just do like I did, save $$$ and buy it off the rack and let your tailor do the rest.
Those are nice Metlin. Here's a link to the one's I got: Round, platinum-plated cuff links with mat brushed inset featuring a polished platinum-plated Montblanc emblem in relief
Thanks guys. I went with the Mont Blanc cufflinks. Cheers and thanks for the suggestions.
Great! I was thinking about getting Atlas Grooved, so maybe those are the ones for me.
I'd buy that for a dollar!
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