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There will be another drop for SS15. Things are moving pretty quickly, but many nice pieces are still available for now...
@thewho13: Ha! @snowmanxl: They are the side-zip boots w/ a creeper sole and made of cow hide. From FW13 unless I am mistaken. Not sure of the exact style name / number though. And thanks everyone...
Decided to enter this time: Raf Simons (Coat) Petar Petrov (Trousers) Attachment (Boots)
From earlier this year in Paris: Raf Simons (Coat) Petar Petrov (Trousers) Attachment (Boots)
Just saw this thread and my last WAYWT works with the theme so... [[SPOILER]]
Been a while... Julius (leather jacket) Jan-Jan Van Essche (tunic) Ann Demeulemeester (trousers + sneakers)
50% off fall-winter 2013-14 collections at Suspension Point.
Boxing Week Sale at Suspension Point: Extra 25% off everything (including items already on sale)! Enter the code: BOXBOXBOX Valid December 26th to 31st
I haven't been in Holts in a really long time even though I'm in the area a lot. Over the past couple years they seem to have gotten rid of anything even vaguely interesting (even in the womenswear department).
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