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From last week (wearing the same today, but with a coat): Stephan Schneider (cardigan) Jil Sander (trousers) Ann Demeulemeester (sneakers)
After a long day in Paris... Coat by Bless x Suspension Point Trousers and bag by Jil Sander Boots by KK Attachment And a rare (even rarer than my own posts) photo of my colleague... Bomber (worn reversed) by Ffixxed Trousers by CDG H+ Boots by Jun Hashimoto
I'm visiting the showroom later this week so I'll be able to comment in more detail. From the brief moment on the runway they move beautifully in a lighter fabric.
In Paris as well… Helmut Lang (leather jacket) Ute Ploier (shirt) Raf Simons (trousers) Helmut Lang (sneakers) Don’t have much time to post here, but if you are interested follow the Suspension Point Instagram for behind-the-scenes updates from Paris fashion week (SS16).
Lad Musician (leather jacket) Uniqlo (shirt) Siki Im (trousers) Lemaire (sneakers)
Happy to be able to offer it (and really happy that Suspension Point is now an SF affiliate). There's a bit of a selfish reason behind it...been wanting a black version for myself for a while and haven't been able to find one.On a related note, if anyone here owns a Bless Hoodcoat in XL and/or XXL I'd appreciate if you send me a PM.
An important thing to note about the measurements / measurement chart for the Bless Hoodcoat is that the "full back width" is not equivalent to a chest measurement. It is taken along the horizontal back seam which goes from the middle (narrowest) part of the armhole and not from the armpit (i.e. the traditional chest measurement). I have personally just taken measurements of the Hoodjacket (same upper body cut as the Hoodcoat) I have in Size S so you can see what I...
There will be another drop for SS15. Things are moving pretty quickly, but many nice pieces are still available for now...
@thewho13: Ha! @snowmanxl: They are the side-zip boots w/ a creeper sole and made of cow hide. From FW13 unless I am mistaken. Not sure of the exact style name / number though. And thanks everyone...
Decided to enter this time: Raf Simons (Coat) Petar Petrov (Trousers) Attachment (Boots)
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