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Just saw this thread and my last WAYWT works with the theme so... [[SPOILER]]
Been a while... Julius (leather jacket) Jan-Jan Van Essche (tunic) Ann Demeulemeester (trousers + sneakers)
50% off fall-winter 2013-14 collections at Suspension Point.
Boxing Week Sale at Suspension Point: Extra 25% off everything (including items already on sale)! Enter the code: BOXBOXBOX Valid December 26th to 31st
I haven't been in Holts in a really long time even though I'm in the area a lot. Over the past couple years they seem to have gotten rid of anything even vaguely interesting (even in the womenswear department).
The zipper on the Peir Wu coat doesn't extend to the hem so you can have it shortened quite easily if need be. Personally, I like the length of this particular coat to be at / around the knee. Looks really good in motion.
I'm actually the one who sold it to you. See...I told you I wear mine a lot .Hope you are enjoying yours!I'm wearing the size 44.c4est and lesamourai looking good...
RE Suspension Point: Just want to clarify that orders can be placed using your Paypal balance and Suspension Point definitely does not disable anything / any payment option in Paypal. Pretty sure it was that your primary account / bank is in CAD and you were trying to pay with USD (for something listed in CAD) and Paypal wanted to go to the default currency. Anyways, glad we got it sorted!
A different wall this time: And a close up: - Peir Wu jacket - Ute Ploier shirt - Yohji Yamamoto trousers - Raf Simons sneakers ...
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