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Brand new super black vest for sale. Size 36 (Small). $200. Details can be found here:
No problemo. Price is OBO!
Oops, missed that. 9.5 front, 13 rear.
i wore these for about 6 months and unfortunately they no longer fit me and i ended up purchasing a slimmer jean. there is a ton of life left in these. they have been soaked twice and machine washed once. pictures have not been adjusted, the first two are room lighting and from there on are indirect sunlight. 250 obo. feel free to contact me w/ any questions. Hem/Chain stitched by Self Edge. big measurements waist: 17 inseam: 33.5 leg opening: 7.75 knee: 8 thigh:...
Flat Head BSP - tag size 34 - about 5 months - 2 soaks
Can you tell me where I can find these? Or something similar.
Those looks great.
That was my thinking too. I feel like the O/W process is a lot more hardcore then my 30 minute to and hour or so hot soak.I'm sure this topic has been discussed a million time, but do people see a difference in results (as in fades) when purchasing the RAW vs the O/W? I love my denim to my stiff as hell when I purchase and then it breaks in with time. Almost like you're stealing the virginity of the denim when you get the O/W, someone please set me straight..
Word, so I should be more so looking at the thigh measurements. Should I expect a little stretch? I'm somewhere between a 11.75 and a 12. I'll measure my BSPs when I get home, the thigh is pretty much spot on for those.Thanks for the advice. edit: BiG's chart says Upper Thigh is 14.5 on the 32, I'm assuming this a typo and should be 11.5?
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