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Kind of sad, and also kind of glad that these Guidis aren't available in my size.
Degloving = skin torn off the bodyI've heard stories from doctor friends about men who've degloved themselves by misusing vacuum cleaners.
What type of cloth do you guys use for shoe care (e.g. applying polishes, etc.)? Links please?
Undercover women's FW 2007 and FW 2009 are still pretty cool.
Have you ever seen Saturday Night Fever? It leaves much the same impression.
These are good.Alternatively, go to your local bookstore, go the mystery section, and pick up the most interesting books with Scandinavian authors.
Kind of an impromptu picture, so forgive the shoddy quality, lack of details, etc. etc. This is about as close to an actual fitpic I'm ever going to get, though.(Sunspel/Sunspel/Acne)Right on, at least somebody gets to escape from this place. If you - or anybody else from the forum - are ever in Winnipeg, just let me know if you want to hang out for a bit or something.
What are you doing in Winnipeg? How long are you here for?Good weather, right?
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