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How is the sizing on Howell? Should I size up? Should I even buy?
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel fuck, no small sea blue search continues. Umm, I tried one on in Stockholm today, decided it wasn't for me... If I had known I would have bought it and sent it to you, it was only 1400 SEK (200 bucks). I'll be going back on tuesday, or you can find another proxy somewhere to go the Welcome-store, there was one in S and one M left on the rack.
Umm, the SS stuff is at half off at Roden. Mistake no? Would an order go through? SPOT BLOWN. Edit: Almost pulled the trigger on the orange mac, but then I read this: Roden Gray Inc. reserves the right to cancel an order for any reason, including price innacuracies. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by SPK What's the fabric? Can this be worn oversized? It's 50 wool 50 poly if I'm not mistaken (Edit: I was, it's 60 wool 40 acrylic), and the ones I have are in different sizes (S/M). I'm 6' tall and skinny like a muthafucka, and the M is probably actually too big for me, but it looks great anyway. So yes.
I have it in both navy and beige, it's absolutely fantastic.
I need a jacket for spring but don't know what I want. I'd been eyeing the Ervell cadet jacket, but when I finally tried it on, the arms where so long and the body too short, that was a sad moment. Not even sure I need something baller though, maybe I should just walk into the nearest H&M... I don't do leather, and it needs to at least survive a light rain. Halp!?
Edit: Should probably post this somewhere else.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon if that shirt didnt have that name attached to it you would all think it was ugly... This times a thousand, it's hideous.
Caron Yatagan really is special isn't it. I can't really make out any notes, aside from the faint smell of shit at first. Then, in a couple of minutes it fades away and you're left with this amazingly pleasant, manly (but not too much) scent. Something about it reminds of weed though, don't really know why.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Shipping is almost as bad as Tres Bien. Not if you're european. Still high though.
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