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Quote: Originally Posted by mttlee0 Dior's at 50% in all sizes, not sure if they differ from typical Dior Zoom in on right backpocket. No thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc If it's a bottle, send it my way! I love it. No, sorry, only a decant. It actually got a lot better in the dry-down, but it's still not for me.
Montale Black Aoud today, not really a fan.
Was really impressed by the sweaters when I visited Nitty. This was seriously the softest piece of clothing I've ever laid my hands on. I just stood there in the store totally mesmerized. Way to go Inis.
Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx Just wanted to say Vincent Cassell was fucking alpha. He is always fucking alpha. Probably my favourite actor tbf. He has done so many awesome roles. La Haine, Eastern Promises, Oceans 12/13, Irreversible and, especially, the two films about Jacques Mesrine.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa am i the only one who didn't really find this funny? Nope. I contemplated starting this thread when I first found it, but deemed it not funny enough.
1, the hood on 2 doesn't feel right.
Shouldn't SS lookbooks start dropping soon? I want to see COS, and I'm also semi-interested in APC even though I know it will suck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos It's like those dudes who see an open spot at the urinal, but then run into one of the stalls to take a piss. We know why you're doing it, pinkydick. I have a penis that's a bit above average, normal all n' all, but I have a problem with taking a piss next to other people also taking a piss. So no, you don't know why.
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