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'You could do the same thing with Pierce and Abed' Also, there was a small Chang looking in through the window of the diorama.
What was Annie really called?
Burma VJ The most dangerous man in America
I thought the Monaco-ep was pretty weak, aside from the halloween-memory...
I'm not sure all the women who've been wanting to sleep with Hank Moody will restrain themselves because he unknowingly had sex with a 17 year old.
The dinner scenes always have the best Californication-moments. Fake-Karen and fake-Mia are both way hotter than their counterparts.
Aww Pigley...!
Any Petrov-stockists online? I know about Forward, but they haven't received any SS-stuff.
I've never understood why OC don't put the measurements of the models on the site. I know, I know, different proportions etc., but even height would help a lot.
Yelle's new album is really, really good.
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