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It's sad that they had to interrupt the competition "Biggest cunt in the world" with some football... My money was on Busquets, but Dani Alves wasn't far behind.
Did anyone else notice that the intro was slightly changed? It would be amazing if they would continue to do so when necessary, because it really helps if you haven't read the books.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I am sad that the season is over. It won't be until January 2012 until I can get my fix of Archer. I think I will still enjoy a few marathons through seasons 1 & 2, though. Three episodes are supposed to air in September if I'm not mistaken.
'You could do the same thing with Pierce and Abed' Also, there was a small Chang looking in through the window of the diorama.
http://energycatalyzer.blogspot.com/...olm-royal.html If it's a hoax, he's done now. He still seems confident though...
What was Annie really called?
Burma VJ The most dangerous man in America
I thought the Monaco-ep was pretty weak, aside from the halloween-memory...
I'm not sure all the women who've been wanting to sleep with Hank Moody will restrain themselves because he unknowingly had sex with a 17 year old.
The dinner scenes always have the best Californication-moments. Fake-Karen and fake-Mia are both way hotter than their counterparts.
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