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The last scene was fucking brilliant.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta What? I can't help's like a disease. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT DISEASE MEANS? Looks like Annie's boobs (not the monkey) once again will be the star of the episode!
There is a fist fight between The Rock and Vin Diesel in it.
Quote: Originally Posted by ANIKETOS he turns defending into an art form of the game as much as going forward is. Pretty much this. I hate when people (one in particular in this thread) say: Quote: I bring Real Madrid up because you supposed purists of the sport seem to take no umbrage with their cynical tackling, playing 10 men behind the ball, 20% possession AT HOME, etc....doesn't that ruin the game? I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Yes, it's too bad the bastion of clean, positive, inspiring football (aka Real Madrid) couldn't pull out the win. Puhhhh-fucking-leaze Actually, I had Ronaldo down as 3rd, I have no real bias either way. The two aforementioned are in a league of their own though. Family tree if anyone's still confused!
It's sad that they had to interrupt the competition "Biggest cunt in the world" with some football... My money was on Busquets, but Dani Alves wasn't far behind.
Did anyone else notice that the intro was slightly changed? It would be amazing if they would continue to do so when necessary, because it really helps if you haven't read the books.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I am sad that the season is over. It won't be until January 2012 until I can get my fix of Archer. I think I will still enjoy a few marathons through seasons 1 & 2, though. Three episodes are supposed to air in September if I'm not mistaken.
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