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Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets The chances of them popping up in your size is slim but keep an eye on the shoe mart's eBay auctions. Every now and then a 1000 mile in a random size and color gets blown out at $162. With bing cash back (now not available) I got a pair of rust 1000 miles in my size for $150 delivered. Same here. They haven't arrived yet, hope they fit.
I dont know if one is qualified to answer this question until they've lived in another country for at least a few years. I think it takes a while to notice the really annoying things about living in a certain place. I'm young, and I have plans that might result in me permanently moving to Holland, so we'll see I guess. I've lived in Sweden all my life, and I can easily list many things I love about this country, but there are almost an equal amount of reasons to leave.
Quote: Originally Posted by blairh I lose a lot of respect for most celebs who make cameos on this show. There have been the occasional fun appearance (James Cameron comes to mind. Also Dennis Hopper.) Let's not forget the great Busey. The ep with his totem or whatever has to be one of my favourites.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Barely. Wrong, she is stunning, albeit in a weird way.
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby I have a hard time wearing navy sneaks with jeans. Sometimes looks like jammies. Finally someone who agrees with me.
Boring. Captoes might be interesting depending on material. E: Looked at the link, and indeed, they do look interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman The white/green ones make me think of Lacoste for some odd reason. It's cause they're white/green.
Tara would be a hundred times more interesting if she either became a vampire, or seriously was into Franklins sick shit. But I agree, the best option is to let her die. That freakin lip quiver...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 i want to see a jessica sex scene. You do remember that she's an infinite virgin? Don't think there will be any Jessica-action... And Franklin really is dead.
Miles is the best thing about this show. Also, his wife sounded like an answering machine... It's not great yet, but I'm hoping that the build-up actually amounts to something worth watching. The pre-op shemale remark was hilarious.
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