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ID please? Edit: Found another one.
What size would they compare to in chucks/cps? I hear they run a bit large, just not sure if they're large enough.
Murakami. Preferably Kafka on the shore or The wind-up bird chronicle. I'll admit that I only read the headline before answering, but I'm gonna stick with this... Jessicas blog. Pretty funny. And also:
Quote: Originally Posted by delakingois Green Zone and The Slammin' Salmon were decent, 5/10ish. A few from 09 that I enjoyed alot were Moon, Mary and Max, and Harry Browne. Adding Leaves of Grass to the list.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Exactly. Let the government distribute it in a fair, even manner. They have a much better skillset for administering funds than the average billionaire. Yeah, Pat can make sure it's put to good use.
A few from another site that I like:
The US adaptation will be starring Daniel Craig as the journalist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo the girl with the dragon tattoo - subtitled but definitely worth it the sequels aren't as good though It's 'cause they were made for TV only.
The thought of Drama staging Vinces intervention is interesting...
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