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Quote: Originally Posted by lou They told you what 4:20 was. 4:20 is Eastern standard time. All the other bombings took place at 4:20 EST. Go orders are being issued from a place in EST, probably NY. Why 20 past the hour is unknown at this point. Not the worst episode at all. Information being given is not able to be fully utilized yet. There is information given that will play out. Look for the patterns and pay attention to the details. This is how...
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* I've bought them from H&C a few months ago and was blinded by the exact same pic ( obviously ). Unfortunately, they don't look half as good in real life. I've returned them on the very same day. As to the sizing, they run a half size big, IMO. $150 or 150€ ? Any way, both sounds fine if you still like them after looking at more true-to-life pics... Think I'll pass then, since they looked terrible in Asos...
What other two colors will the shawl-cardi be available in, besides that amazing green? Navy and black, or something a bit more "edgy"? Please say burgundy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Me too. I found it slightly odd that essentially every single character was gay, but it was great to see characters dressed impeccably and everything so aesthetically pleasing. It's the SF equivalent to a Michael Bay-movie. You don't have to think, just watch all those pretty things on screen.
Anyone got these? How are they size-wise, and are they worth 150?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Too bad Tanya wasn't in the room at the time - she could've told them. ayooooooooooooooo Must be one of those hints they dish out. Katev is really a legalization fanatic.
Raindeer farming.
"What's the significance of 4.20?" Worst episode in a while, maybe out of all. Not enough Truxton Spangler. Still, I enjoy Miles and Triforcegirl.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Latepass. I am terribly sorry. I shall from now on always ask if something has been posted earlier, before posting something of my own.
Copenhagen/Stockholm maybe? If the warmth isn't a requirement I mean...
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