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Double, I was just editing the last post.
Question on Ep. 7. [[SPOILER]]
Well, I love both Lynch and Tarkovsky, but this was still the most pretentious crap I've ever watched... Bordeaux cap-toes in 45 @ 150.
I can't even begin to describe how much I love this show.
Love this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Ah, unfortunately no. We got our restock on these way earlier than expected - they came in mid January. I know that a lot of guys don't really think about suede shoes until the Spring properly arrives, and we've been out of the key sizes for some time. Sorry about that! I don't have any new Aldens on the way until Fall, but I'll have four styles of suede Epaulet sewn by hand footwear within the next week or...
Quote: Originally Posted by philipp If you run up a German flag and it's not world/european championship in soccer, then you're a nazi. Period. Same thing in Sweden. [[SPOILER]]
Will the West Egg Sand Suede Longwings get re-stocked? Black Ervell shorts in 32.
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