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Posts by delakingois SS11 Not that cohesive overall in terms of colour etc. The pants look nice though, as always.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace ^I would e-mail Ervell if I were you, they're usually good about getting back to people and that piece looks like one that probably won't make it to mass production IMO. Still haven't heard back from them... I guess I'll have to wait for the fall line to hit his own website, and with half of september already gone that should be soon right?
Sort of a noir-feministic murderstory, unique to say the least.
Black Swan will be. Aronofsky teams up with Nathalie Portman in a thriller about Swan Lake? Awesome.
Too. many. fucking. cameos.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo just got the new cotton/hemp chambray bd shirt. Looks/feels really nice. +1 Don't think I can afford to keep it though, studentbudget and all that.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Usually dislike DH sneakers, but these are alright. On ebay, mad cheap. Is that a joke or a way of having a "hidden" bidding? TBS got a shipment. The winter button-down looks amazing.
Needed a pair of canvas sneakers. 25 dollars in int. shipping though...
You need a haircut by the looks of it. But nice outfit nonetheless, even though the bow-tie doesn't blend that well with the rest. Edit: Meant to say doesn't blend at all.
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