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Yeah, Rubicon really is great so far. Just hoping it all amounts to something too.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaiserSose Re: Ervell Leftovers. I will probably throw this in the B&S sometime this week for a very reasonable price. Maybe another piece also. The jacket? Dibs or whatever, if it fits. I asked Ervell about the cobolt-coloured version, which looked fucking awesome on the runway, but they said it never went into production.
^Is the crewneck the black one? It almost looks green in those pics.
Going on a shopping-trip later this fall and opting between London and Paris. Since Uniqlo is one of the main targets for the trip, I'm wondering if there's any significant difference between the two cities? I mean, London have about 10x more stores, but do the Paris ones get the good stuff too?
Summer version.
I thought the episode was great! Pierces "I'll show you the tool that's most important to our survival… " had me in stitches.
Evisu X CP has dropped. Not sure what's up with the suede toe on the highs... Edit: Should've looked in the CP-thread first...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Ervell copper oxide? They look pretty damn good in all the pictures I've seen, would never be able to convince myself to buy though, it'd force me to have to buy a bunch of new stuff to match Pretty much what I'm thinking, even though being forced to purchase things to match with might actually be good for me... OC has them for 111 dollars, which is relatively cheap. Can anyone find any real life pics...
I'm really on the fence. I think they'd look absolutely fantastic in some fits, but I'm not sure they're versatile enough to justify a purchase. Ideas on what to (not) wear them with?
Quote: Originally Posted by atuhsad The first and the third picture are straigt from Dior Homme's runway collection from FW 2009; not a bad thing I guess, but they are exactly the same. Score 1 for fast fashion. Visited a Zara-store today, and noticed that even the sneakers look like DH. They had that weird looking stripe.
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