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Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* I've bought them from H&C a few months ago and was blinded by the exact same pic ( obviously ). Unfortunately, they don't look half as good in real life. I've returned them on the very same day. As to the sizing, they run a half size big, IMO. $150 or 150€ ? Any way, both sounds fine if you still like them after looking at more true-to-life pics... Think I'll pass then, since they looked terrible in Asos...
What other two colors will the shawl-cardi be available in, besides that amazing green? Navy and black, or something a bit more "edgy"? Please say burgundy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Me too. I found it slightly odd that essentially every single character was gay, but it was great to see characters dressed impeccably and everything so aesthetically pleasing. It's the SF equivalent to a Michael Bay-movie. You don't have to think, just watch all those pretty things on screen.
Anyone got these? How are they size-wise, and are they worth 150?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Too bad Tanya wasn't in the room at the time - she could've told them. ayooooooooooooooo Must be one of those hints they dish out. Katev is really a legalization fanatic.
Raindeer farming.
"What's the significance of 4.20?" Worst episode in a while, maybe out of all. Not enough Truxton Spangler. Still, I enjoy Miles and Triforcegirl.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Latepass. I am terribly sorry. I shall from now on always ask if something has been posted earlier, before posting something of my own.
Copenhagen/Stockholm maybe? If the warmth isn't a requirement I mean...
Jeremy Scott X Adidas O by O 2011.
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