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Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah You made a long-winded argument against multiculturalism in (western) europe so I'm wondering what your take is on belgium ? the circumstances are pretty self-evident, the flemish north speaks dutch and the south speaks french (and a tiny portion in the east german). i threw india in there because, in a sense, it is a magnification of this scenario: state lines are essentially drawn on an ethno-linguistic basis....
AMC doesn't have a history of cancelling shows, right? When will we know if this gets the go ahead for another season?
I would probably say I'm an atheist. No belief in any sort of higher power. As for religious people, I resent people who think that this force gives a fuck about what they do, eat, pray etc. On the other hand, that's up to them. They are allowed to believe pigs are filthy, and I'm allowed to think they're freakin' weird because of it. Too each their own and all that.
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc Leviticus 18:22 'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable. Also impossible. When comparing the Bible to the Quran, one has to understand that biblical literalism has diminished in the western world over the last decades. Islam still has large fractions that believe every word of the Quran. Christians like this exist too, but to nowhere near the same extent.
I've heard about the concept of The View, but never before seen it in action. What a fucking henhouse. How many americans regularly watch it?
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt would love to see pics of a gothninja wedding Better than a workwear wedding, that's for sure.
Bought this cap from forwardforward, 20% off and zero international shipping, nice. One of very few caps that actually looks okay on me, out of the vast amount I tried today. Also bought a pair of the Orvis gloves, they look great in the pic.
My blackwatch cardi left the states over a week ago. Still hasn't arrived. USPS.
Thread needs to go up.
http://www.oliverspencer.co.uk/produ...t-hamburg-navy A little too expensive maybe, hoping it reaches 30%...
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