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Quote: Originally Posted by lou So, who thinks that Kaateb is related to somebody in the story arc? Probably not, but he might be an Atlas asset, since Will is coming (jumping?) to the conclusion that "something big is going to happen".
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock In the category of scenes I wish I could "unsee," there are a couple in the movie Irreversible. The scene with the fire extinguisher.
New stuff up in the webshop. I need this so bad. Edit: MTM hooded raincoat - 1660 dollars.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Pan's Labyrinth It's a great movie, yes, but powerful in that sense? It never made that impression on me, might be because I found the ending a bit shit. (Compared to the rest I mean, it's still one of the best movies I've ever seen.)
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko Yes, the reveal that it was his mother was...uncomfortable. Are you sure? Because I think one of the girls also called her "Ma", which would indicate that it's her nickname. Otherwise, ewwwwwww.
Dear Zachary, first time I've cried in years. Nothing even comes close to this one.
One of the best Troy/Abed-endings ever! The rest, not so much....
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG How many long sleeve and short sleeve button down shirts ought a man own? I'm of the opinion that no man should own a short sleeve. I understand however that I'm fairly alone in thinking that.
Quote: Originally Posted by lou They told you what 4:20 was. 4:20 is Eastern standard time. All the other bombings took place at 4:20 EST. Go orders are being issued from a place in EST, probably NY. Why 20 past the hour is unknown at this point. Not the worst episode at all. Information being given is not able to be fully utilized yet. There is information given that will play out. Look for the patterns and pay attention to the details. This is how...
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