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http://www.oliverspencer.co.uk/produ...t-hamburg-navy A little too expensive maybe, hoping it reaches 30%...
If someone kops the KC, post a report with pics!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mal City of God hasn't been mentioned and it should be. More recent and I am surprised it isn't mentioned on SF is Tom Fords A Single Man. I think City of God was mentioned! Also, although A Single Man is a very good movie, especially aestethically, does it deserve to be in this thread? I'll admit that there are even worse examples, Slumdog for example, but still... I'm pretty pissed at myself for forgetting The...
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* Ice age More like:
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay Someone in another thread said "Wolverines from Context would be cheaper with the discount." I PM'd him but he hasn't responded. My bad. It's been a long day... The things I said still apply on Revolve though...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira This was my favorite for a long time, got demoted to an emergency bottle that lives in my car. I need to find a new mint scent. Creed Silver Mountain Water is my new citrus scent (Himalaya for woods/spice). I've been quite underwhelmed by CdGs, they are cloying on me I have been using Kyoto for a while, and I'm starting to get that feeling too... Sherbet Rhubarb though, amazing summer scent.
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay I can't seem to find them. Context offers 25% (I think...) cashback on your first purchase from them. You're supposed to contact them after placing your order and they'll refund you the money. Adds up to less than 250 for the 1000 miles! I bought the rust ones on ebay a couple of weeks ago, and I'm thinking of purchasing the black ones from Context too, since it's such a bargain. EDIT!: Fuck, mixed up the...
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...ategory=120552 $269 on sale. Would primarily wear with jeans. Or should I just save up for a Wolverine 1000-mile or Alden Indy boot (which I probably couldn't afford any time soon)? Wolverines from Context would be cheaper with the discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by Willin If you go to the Wolverine link below and click on the 1000 mile Original - what color are the boots shown on the right? Is that the brown or the rust? http://www.wolverine.com/US/1000mile/ Has to be brown, my rust pair does not look that cherry.
Quote: Originally Posted by A. Jones Gran Turismo 5 I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about a new game coming out. Looks epic. Anybody else plan on buying? Can't say I'm a big fan of the racing genre, but that sure looks tasty.
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