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Acting was so bad in this episode... I actually started counting the amount of horribly delivered lines, and I think 5 different characters were guilty of it...
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Whats so great about hunting anyway? What, you don't wake up in the morning with the urge to kill stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage ^ true but also one of the accuser's blogpost '7 ways to get legal revenge' against a lover back in jan of this year (now since baleeted - pwnt googlecache) is a thing that makes you go hmmmm She has also tweeted "All ONSs in Stockholm are probably rape.".
Chinese fusion.
I love the Jay-Z/General Public bit in the beginning of the second song. Brilliant. Also, this site is much better: http://www.mashupbreakdown.com/
Quinn will go down for Robocops murder. Blood on his shoe, angry voicemails, etc.
Told ya!
http://www.park-onlinestore.com/shop...rf-p-2030.html Couldn't decide, bought both. The second one was in the wimminz-section, but I think I can wear it anyway, otherwise my mom will get an extra christmas gift.
Thoughts on Encre Noire? I'm thinking of blindly buying an almost new one for 35 bucks, worth it?
I'm cold... http://www.oki-ni.com/mens-scarves/m...nvt/mm0630wht/ or http://www.park-onlinestore.com/shop...rf-p-2030.html or SS grey alpaca stole? Goes with black parka, and needs to keep me warm down to -15°C.
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