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Caliroots just started, lots and lots of CPs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Who is that woman in episode 1 and where can I get a copy of her tits and ass? Jesus H Christ they were magnificent! As said before, Addison Timlin. No good pics on the net though.
First ep of S04 has hit the interwebz. Luv it! New chick is smokin' too. (Not Carla Gugino)
Will Ervell drop to 50%? I don't think they did it for the SS, so I'm doubting it, but there's so much I wan't.
Oh my.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy i like her gift more than i like yours my latest schneider care package is trapped in austria somewhere Yours too? Park?
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum her face is above average but damn her body's banging. no money for hd You like them, the small boys?
Quote: Originally Posted by Filipe Looks like it's US-only. Yeah, US is always first out. Think we europeans have to wait until after new years.
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon interesting documentary from sweden (in english) http://svtplay.se/v/2258254/dokument...p103467,1,f,-1 Great if you want to know the background, before shit hit the fan with the US.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Some immigrants are better than others, and it seems like Sweden just happened to have gotten the worst kind imaginable. And this is our problem, this is not something you can say in Sweden. Somehow it's akin to saying that all people are not worth the same. Another reason for the fact that we get the fucking low-lifes when it comes to our immigrants is that if you are productive and ambitious, you move to...
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