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Will Ervell drop to 50%? I don't think they did it for the SS, so I'm doubting it, but there's so much I wan't.
Oh my.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy i like her gift more than i like yours my latest schneider care package is trapped in austria somewhere Yours too? Park?
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum her face is above average but damn her body's banging. no money for hd You like them, the small boys?
Quote: Originally Posted by Filipe Looks like it's US-only. Yeah, US is always first out. Think we europeans have to wait until after new years.
Acting was so bad in this episode... I actually started counting the amount of horribly delivered lines, and I think 5 different characters were guilty of it...
I love the Jay-Z/General Public bit in the beginning of the second song. Brilliant. Also, this site is much better:
Quinn will go down for Robocops murder. Blood on his shoe, angry voicemails, etc.
Told ya! Couldn't decide, bought both. The second one was in the wimminz-section, but I think I can wear it anyway, otherwise my mom will get an extra christmas gift.
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