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Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon if that shirt didnt have that name attached to it you would all think it was ugly... This times a thousand, it's hideous.
Caron Yatagan really is special isn't it. I can't really make out any notes, aside from the faint smell of shit at first. Then, in a couple of minutes it fades away and you're left with this amazingly pleasant, manly (but not too much) scent. Something about it reminds of weed though, don't really know why.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Shipping is almost as bad as Tres Bien. Not if you're european. Still high though.
Wrongweather just hit half off. CP training boots for 187 euros for example.
^ I like the glove/boot-tuck matching. No, but seriously, jacket looks nice
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Let me know if you ever tire of that SS v-neck. http://www.wrongweather.net/lojaVerProduto.php?id=727 Just so you know.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY does the little tie got you down? http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/1011/amomma6v2.jpg http://www.forwardforward.com/fwd/Di...oduct=TWEI-MO8 The fuck is 2% elite?
If someone buys the Ervell fair-isle in M and finds that it doesn't fit, I'll be glad to take it off your hands! I have the red/blue, and it's beautiful.
Acne. I know they're not named after the skin disease, but that doesn't really matter.
APC SS http://www.wrongweather.net/lojaCategorias.php 300 euros all in all. The site has tons of stuff at like 40% off, SS, CP, Dries, etc. It's Portuguese though, so customs might be a problem for you Americans.
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