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What If 'Game of Thrones' Was a Buddy Comedy?
Wasn't the dude that Arya met Roberts bastard son? If so, he seems like a big deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang triple yes to the dries shirt Didn´t bite, and now that I`ve had a chance to try it on I`m really regretting it. 48 was fucking perfect.
Probably to big anyway...
Quote: Originally Posted by dwyhajlo Does this game offer anything new, beyond the admittedly beautiful graphics? Well, it's a FPS. What do you want that could be "new" besides better graphics and DICE working towards getting the overall feel just right?
[[SPOILER]] If this comes in any colour besides black, I've found my new wintercoat.
Unsure on color... or
Remember the Dinner with André-episode? Here's a little clip from the last Cougar Town.
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