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Is this similar to what Khan Academy has been doing?
Video from the rescuing operation. The screams in the beginning are absolutely horrible, pure helplessness and desperation. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b49_1311420532
The Youtube-video and "OMG ITZ LIKE NAZI-GERMANY"- comment were a bit over the top, but I concur with the praise here. Jessica is so effin' hot, but I always think when I see her that she's objectively fairly ugly, not sure why. Still,
Project No.8 just hit 60%. Some Schneider left, and a lot of Margiela-shoes/sneakers. Would kop derbies and SS pullover if I had the money... http://www.projectno8.com/
As an avid user for two years of this incredible little service, I feel a need to share the good news! Quote: Spotify, a free and subscription-based music streaming service that originated in Europe, announced Wednesday that it would expand its reach to the United States. Spotify is a software application that allows instant streaming of tracks and albums. The service recently signed a deal with Virgin Media to expand its reach in Britain. More than 10...
Odds on Sam killing his own brother, thus gaining the ability to shift into people?
I miss Russell...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 What's your least favorite story lines in the show? Mine so far has been the Targaryan/Dothraky wilderness adventure. Jon Snow, and the Wall. Seriously, so effin boring.
Quote: Originally Posted by huckleberry Its also worth noting that if you want to see individual pieces from this collection search: liberte schneider on google.co.jp and go on liberte's blog. They have images for a lot of the collection, albeit worn by a very unsuitable model. They seem to have prices as well...! If I'm understanding it correctly, the duffel will be around 100k yen. Not that bad.
Where can I find a woman who dresses in all-Schneider?
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