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I don't wear manbags or girly loafers, nor a sportcoat to work, I actually like only how the trousers and cardigan match, all the rest I didn't pay attention toEdit: that goes for all his pictures actually (I have some stored on my PC for inspiration). Some way or another, I like the way he is able to combine the 'basics' into a very nice outfit.
Quick question: I came across this guy on the internet and I really like his style. Does anybody know his name? Van 15 mei 2015
More to come soon!
Up for sale are a few pairs of Vass shoes, all new in box with the shoe trees and bags. These are mostly unwanted MTO's, and I'm looking to sell these quickly! I have some more shoes in stock, don't hesitate to contact me to inquire on your size! 1. Italian oxford red cognac (used to be called 'mahogany'). Size 44 F last. Double to single sole and metal toe taps. Measurements are 30cm insole length and 11,3cm outsole widt. Price: $450 Van Italian oxford red cognac size...
For sale is a brand new Derek Rose Lombard dressing gown, in a beatiful tonal navy jacquard fabric. This is a size medium, and I find it to be just too large on me. Price is $150, or best offer. Worldwide shipping at cost. Small flaw on one of the sleeves, hardly visible!
Jazzmenco, PM sent!
I see a lot of people ordering pleated cotton pants. Do you order a lining with it? What is the aesthetic benefit of a lining?
I'm sorry, but these are not available anymore
Shoe trees are only included for the normal calf leather shoes. For all other shoes, the price quoted is without shoe trees, and they cost $45 extra.
Payment term at the moment is 100% up front.
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