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The thing about the JR soles and/or Dainite soles is that I have had a number of people ask me 'are these shoes made in the UK, or Hungary?'. Same goes for the JR soles, where people ask if the shoes are JR 'brand' or Vass? It comes to show how unknown Vass is, still.
Pre-order for Vass Italian Oxford in Antique Cognac Calf on F last - due to arrive at the end of April - available from size 40 tot 44.5 (seperate orders for smaller of larger size are possible at the same price). Store price will be 640€ incl. VAT, available as pre-order for 580€ incl. VAT. Included in this price: - One pair of hand welted Vass shoes - Lasted shoe trees (3 piece shoe trees if available) - Shoe bags and box - Worldwide shipping Contact us if you want...
It's not possible to order without the JR logo, I asked for this as well.Initials might be possible, but it depends on how you mean: with brass nails (like SC does), or stamped? Stamped will not be an option I believe.
Byron boots for a US customer: - Mahogany English Grain - Vass model 1188 (cap toe high boot) - U Last - 270 degree antiqued Goyser stitch - Leather/rubber stacked heel We only have a very limited supply of this leather left, available at 620 EUR excl. VAT. Contact us for a special MTO.
Also, for all those with a size 43.5, a stock count revealed that we have quite a few Odd stock shoes in that size available:
@John Grady Cole: they are, the person in charge is making the final adjustments to the heels so they can slide in and out easily
We are also working on a sizing overview, to help customers decide on a size. We have compiled a list of sizes (on Styleforum, on other forums, and from our own customers) and pilled all of this into one standard table.
@CLTesquire: yes, that is correct. The RTW collection is a bit confusing, since it is in fact never on stock. It is just a collection of models designed and fully approved of by Mr. Vass.
@Mr. Six: Hit a bit of a rough patch there, Mr. Vass has asked us the day before yesterday not to send in any more leather. This should just be temporary, and I will try to convince Mr. Vass and Mr. Kuti to allow certain GMTO's and new leathers. It's a shame since we had found a beautiful shade of brown from Conceria Zonta, buttery to touch. If I can convince Mr. Vass I will surely let everyone know. The reason for it, by the way, is because it became confusing. From an...
We are thinking about accepting exchanges (not returns) on the Vass RTW collection, yes. This would apply only to sizing issues, and postage/fees would have to be paid both ways by the buyer. We except the updated version of the website to be online in 2-3 weeks. The biggest part is in restructuring the site, and figuring out how we will handle shipping fees, returns etc.
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