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It is plum museum calf indeed, although my camera might have exagerated a bit with the contrast, the color is incredible! The chukka boots are indeed medium and dark brown suede, they are pictures for a member who asked for comparison pics between the U and F last.
I'm sure they would be able to help you with those trees, though I doubt it that they would have them in stock as standard trees. I think they mainly use them for display purposes.
Talking about boots, I just had time to upload a small amount of the pictures I took on my Vass visit, some museum calf leather, a special boot, some new models.. It's not that much but I'll upload some more soon! I opened a new photo stream where I'll be putting all my Vass related pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/121622276@N08/
Small update: I have been on ski holidays for a week after my budapest trip, some pictures coming up soon!
I'm travelling to Budapest today, any picture request?
Excellent review, I bookmarked your blog for future reference, great work!
If you order a regular welt, you will indeed get a shoe like the one on the left. You can ask for the sole to be cut closer or further away from the welt, but from the picture it seems to be the standard edge width (even though the picture is quite unclear, the pictures in the blog post of Ammanati show it better).
If you order the beveled sole, it really is just a double sole tapering to a single sole in the middle. Don't expect receiving a true beveled waist, Mr. Vass doesn't do this. So when ordering, they also just use the "double tapering to single" term instead of "beveled waist".
Don't know if these have been posted yet: From left to right: gold museum calf, merlot museum calf, green museum calf and navy museum calf Dark brown museum calf Plum museum calf No pictures yet of the grey museum calf unfortunately!
Unfortunately there are no pictures yet of shoes in the new museum calf colors. From the moment some RTW shoes are made there will be pictures
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