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hahahah, I love you moo
hahahah, I love you moo
damn rfx45. no wonder rappers like raf simons
I've always wondered how far we are going to go with this anti-terrorism shit. What you just wrote worries me, cuz it seems like everyone is willing to continually sacrifice freedom for the false guise of security.
hey your augusta sneaks look really great broken in man, makes me want a pair. I never liked how they look fresh out the box, but damn, nice in your pics querk. I need some shoes x_X
the really shitty ones are 4k
so where does a dude hunt down the soloist SS13
its waxed medium weight calf leather, also the photo is enough to ascertain that its a high neck intarsia
brand new combo parka, no lowball or sending me trade offers
reffewfef sold
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