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so where does a dude hunt down the soloist SS13
its waxed medium weight calf leather, also the photo is enough to ascertain that its a high neck intarsia
brand new combo parka, no lowball or sending me trade offers
reffewfef sold
I dunno weird thing is that leather lost a lot of its appeal among people. Theres a guy still selling a black one on sufu for super low and no one bites. Dunno if that sa good enough barometer for its popularity but it is what it is.
I only went through that discussion because Razele asked me why I disliked CCP, and since I like him, I gave him a real response. SinnedK was the one who decided to quote my response which wasn't directed towards any of you, and he wanted to defend himself and attack me when I already was done with that.
uh huh, theres a difference between owning a pair of shoes, and blinding praising everything that comes out of a label. I'm not even talking about you anyways. I don't even like 90% of guidi, I only like the 998 boots, and some of the lace ups. Also, you're kinda dense and dont realize that the "fashion aesthetic" is not what I was talking about. I was talking about the design philosophy behind CCP is lame to me. Seems like you overlooked that since you spend all your time...
yah, im a pencil man, dunno if its gonna work. Also, before buying it, you gotta ask. Are you about that life?exactly, the structure of the first manages to allow a red leather make you look like a stiff.
Strangely enough, I dislike what CCP is about, and I am bothered by the incessant devotion people have to it. I don't think its a natural progression. It only would be considered a progression if you think buying the most praised brand on SZ means im moving up in the world. I'm still pretty into my usual, haven't stricken from that despite the lukewarm feelings ive had for last few designer collections.Also, the reason why I said what I said is, I also was annoyed that...
since when does the devil avatar signify a joke, either way point still stands. CCP blows
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