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lol, at wearing more black to progress on this site.
i still do that, I wear paul harnden with old raggety blue jeans.true hendrix!
my plebest fit of all time.. way more natural though.
I think that's the only thing one can insinuate if someone is worried about something being "worth it"
quality isn't even all the reason to buy CCP or Augusta anyways, and it's not necessarily why they cost so much. It's really hard in general to compare boots, its really about what aesthetic direction your taking. If someone is after the highest quality boot and shit, the go to answer shouldn't be, "OH CCP."
6k is some kind of ridiculous for what you get, that shit better transform into a flying leather carpet.
wouldnt be surprised with whats being put out, I kinda have spring summer 13 growing on me though just cuz a couple knits are dope.
wtf is that
so I just read odyn vovk going on hiatus
these sneakers are still in such high demand, in nyc out of everything rick on males at least, its what I see the most. Also, when I sold my older iteration ones I got PMs about them up the ass, even when I deleted the pics and info I had a straggler or two trying to buy em, lmao.
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