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money cant buy swag
its no biggie as its slowly departing, I am just bored of a lot of it. Also, I use to live in miami, ive lived in boca raton, miramar, orlando, and jacksonville. Tired of florida, no way I'd go back, not my scene.
i fucking hate everything I own now, I don't there isnt such thing as a endpoint where you love everything in your closet. Change is always gonna come about.
I think they are way more durable than rick owens sneakers
on the right person it looks really good
those sleeves are fine, its rick, and they always look like that unless you got the lankiest of arms. The ribbed cuffs are on some jackets not most, probably more on newest ones. Shit you should see the denim jackets, the sleeve lengths go past your hands fingers. plus hes leaning over
I dunno man, I just tie them backwards not frontwards. I also did so without the belt loops and never had them as long as you.
they are all like that, they have belt loops in the back. . Also, no i dont own those anymore.
dont tie those sneaks like that dude
im joking/exaggerating but even LA guy acknowledges that this site has moved towards that side of things aesthetically.
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